SPOILED GIRL hates her new Lambo

SPOILED GIRL hates her new Lambo
SPOILED GIRL hates her new Lambo SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Paisley Potgieter says

    Hi azzy I know your real name

  2. maria zambakides says

    give the car to me then wait I am too young to drive

  3. Leah Moore says

    I don't know how he does it 😤

  4. Janelle Mackmer says

    She is such a b* the girl not azzy I love u azzy ❤️

  5. Bread queen says

    Ok how about the girl can give the car to me and SHE can have nothing! Now that a great idea

  6. Tappy Gacha says

    A solution spray paint.

  7. Rose The Dragon Master says

    My dad got me a bike as an early birthday present! I was so happy I'm still thanking him. I felt like the luckiest daughter on the planet. It was used and squeaky but my old red one was way too small and I wanted to be able to ride around with him, then he helped me fix it! It was a score to find something that cheap and in good condition.
    If you happen to stumble across this vid. Love you dad!

  8. Monika Maruszewska says

    And she does not iven
    Have a job😡

  9. Tracey Vlogs says

    Ya'll just be happy in what you have

  10. Galaxy Loving space says

    I would get mad two


  11. Sakura uwu says

    I got a Lamborghini and I was crying of happiness and she mrs Little brat doesn't like her rare Lamborghini how rude I would I would slap her and not spoil her

  12. white sparrow says

    that is sooooooooooooooo rude

  13. Ellis Wyse says

    I feel so bad for the dad

  14. guardianigor says

    Death to western culture !

  15. Jordan Palhetas says

    I don’t care what Lambo

  16. Olivia Lynch says

    Ungrateful, spoilt brat

  17. Coollilygamer says

    I'll take it guurl!

  18. Robert Gutzmann says

    Give me this car now please

  19. SABERTRG says

    She is so spoiled! I don’t even own a sports car

  20. Shaheer Ammar says

    THIS CAR IS STILL ICONIC IN 2019. And if my kid wouldve done that, i wouldve slapped the heck out of him/her, take this car amd not give her anything

  21. shalom harmony says

    I would have slapped her for given me attitude and grab her by her ear and teach her a lesson and not buy her Anything until she knows how to be grateful

  22. Djpuppygirl 19 says

    Plz react to more people like this

  23. Danaka Cains says

    She gets Lambo for her first drive.
    I have to do it in mums old mini

  24. Malaelae! says

    "Do I look like I'm from the 80's??"
    Me: 80's fashion and cars are the 💣😜

  25. Gerhard Kemp says

    I feel bad for her dad like all that money and the girl hates it 😡

  26. Natalia Szwed says

    Id love to even have a car!!!!

  27. Korban Petersen says

    OMG i want a lambo my dad would never get me one

  28. Samuel Gonzalez says

    Like can I have that

  29. Deepali Mahajan says

    I hate pink and purple but if I get a pink/purple Lamborghini my expression: 🤩🤩🤩😯😯😯 and she got a red I wanted that sell that Lamborghini to me

  30. THE A says

    I would be like then you don't get one at all

  31. Darius Maddie and Maliki says

    I feel so bad for the parents this makes me so bad

  32. Amber Gregory says

    meme give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Maddy The Potterhead says

    Does that girl not know how nice and expensive the car is SPOILED

  34. Rami Nakib says

    Dude I would even want my grandpas car and would grateful

  35. Valentino Martina-Brito says

    That is one of the most respected collector car in the world and she treating it like trash

  36. Галя Кирева says

    They have to ground her

  37. JC says

    BROOO countach > aventador

  38. othman mohamed says

    Would u leave kwebbelkop for the lambo?

  39. Journey Hurley says

    I should show my mom this video lol she called me spoiled the other day because I convinced her to buy me a drink lol

  40. Renee Gibson says

    Why does he keep taping

  41. Renee Gibson says

    Who's parents would spend this much money on you child😳😳😳

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