Spring LookBook 2015 || Roxxsaurus

Spring LookBook 2015 || Roxxsaurus
Hello guys! here’s a short and sweet lookbook with 4 outfit ideas for spring, hope you guys like these types of videos! cannot wait to make a summer lookbook 😀 …

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  1. Mariasita says

    I LOVE DENIM JACKET.and i love the dress too because it look so cute😙

  2. Lili Rose says

    I love your first glasses 😍

  3. Alberte Mathiesen says

    literally date me

  4. cold coғғєє says

    Beautiful outfits 💯💯

  5. Melanie Candlefield SSO says


  6. Melanie Candlefield SSO says


  7. Marie-Christine Lachance says

    Has anyone noticed the 2016 spring lookbooks barely have any pastel colored items featured? I thought pastels would be all the rage this spring, but i keep seeing nudes, greys, blacks and browns.

  8. Esra Beşlioğlu says

    I liked your glasses

  9. Swerilly says

    She is so cute! <3

  10. Douce melancolie says

    I like it

  11. Vera de Vries says

    goals af

  12. Kimmy Zack says

    The second boots scream Taylor Momsen!!

  13. Koko Grunge says

    this inspired me so much :))

  14. Fleur D. says

    Why are you so perfect

  15. Freek In You says

    Where can i find the tobi boots in the 2nd look?

  16. Diana Hunanyan says

    you are so cute) i love your style, thank you for this video) i like you ♥

  17. Olivia Rose says

    I love how this video is under "autos and vehicles". Haha

  18. HSX HSX says

    Your fashion sense is frickin' goals!! ❤❤ Recently just discovered ur amazing channel and u r such a beautiful creature!!

  19. Cheyenne Padilla says

    your style is my life omg

  20. Sara Grupp says

    Omg i just Found your channel! youre perfect!

  21. Julie D'Amanda says

    I can't get over how much u r goals

  22. blake moneé. says

    wow I love this! i uploaded a lookbook too and it's amazing to see how different our styles are, even when it comes to filming and editing! That's why I love lookbooks, there's so much room for creativity and expressing yourself that every video is unique.

  23. Anna ADRSN says

    My goood, your outfits are awessooomeee <3 and you r beautiful 🙂 i love the first and second outfit, i'm was like "god" ! I just subscribed at ur channel ! Love it <3
    Anna ig : a.adrsn
    Continuuuuuuue 😉

  24. Julia Kim says

    what size is the leather vida vida bag? :O

  25. NCT Ivy says

    I like your style. 🙂 I hope you'll do more fashion videos

  26. Grilbeauty says

    J'adore comment tu t'habilles

  27. Sandy C says

    Love your style so much!

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