Stages Of Drinking

Stages Of Drinking
This won’t end well.” Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! GET MORE BUZZFEED: …

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  1. Dezi Nicoli says

    That coke part is so relatable

  2. Bluepastel sunnies says

    0:40 this part always gets me lmao

  3. Natalia Joselynn says

    Kelsey is such a toxic unhealthy person honestly

  4. Logan Henderson says

    All the girls on buzzfeed are unfunny man haters

  5. Dheo Callisto says

    who’s that guy in red? he’s a fine specimen.

  6. Niilo22 says

    Thats weak in finland you get bullied if you get drunk from 8 at the age of 15

  7. Abdulwahhab Dowd says

    Even while drunk this makes no sense
    (#muslimsdefinitelarentallowedtodrink #dontkidyourself)
    OMG can I just say that one of the recommendations for this video was "when you're vagina cockblocks you" and then I think wow buzzfeed is the worst

  8. Tom says

    Watching this drunk feels weird

  9. Tori Curly says

    Whos watching this drunk?

  10. - aesthetic_boi - says

    me : im sorry but you let your children watch this?

  11. Idontfuckin Know says

    Oh no im gona tjrow uppppppppp agaiiiiiinnnnnn nooooo

  12. Summer Rae says

    whats that song

  13. CassieCatGacha says

    Haha Kate talking about Harry Potter is legit me explaining conspiracy theories to my friends

  14. Karen Giusto says

    This video is weird

  15. Jed Farley says

    I feel like it's becoming more socially acceptable in CA. It's ok to drink and have a bump. People don't say a word about it but let it happen.

  16. Zz says

    I’m stage 5 right now hooollyy sheeeeeeettt

  17. Christopher Proietti says

    MDMA is way better than coke

  18. Yana Bell says


  19. Alfred Røn Strand says

    We should try coke

  20. Kaesar Jones says

    Im a=so drunk i dontkn ow what theyre sya=ign

  21. pls! track 2:172:30 ^^

  22. Justahuman Lol says

    And here we are … getting ready for 2019

  23. LonelyWolf 23915 says

    Kelsey is as alcoholic as they come

  24. Mish Bish Mash Potatoes says

    Nah I call BS. Number 1 is never a shot at a party. You HAVE to pre-drink while getting done that's a fact

  25. rat says

    this is so potently good, i have to watch it in stages

  26. Mgal says

    why is kelsey always starring this drunken videos?? not fair man

  27. Jordyn Marie says

    Why are we normalizing coke? Brain scans show that it literally burns holes, like a sponge, through your thinking tissues.👽

  28. Manuel Henkel says

    so this is it? promoting alcoholism and drug abuse, i hope no little girl in her puberty is watching this and thinkin " yeah this is a person i want to be"

  29. Jules Lovett says

    Takes way more than one shot for me to feel pretty

  30. e l e a n o r says

    How about a shot glass of Spritz Up 😉 and if you wanna try coke, have a glass of Diet cola 😉 Safe.

  31. j 255 says


  32. Sean S. says

    This was actually surprisingly funny

  33. Emilie Clarke says

    american's drink game is weak af

  34. lowboy1one1 says

    Plus coke, haaaaaaaaa

  35. Jules Lovett says

    Who is the girl with Kelsey??

  36. These videos are setting a bad example

  37. Jc Rutak says

    Wasn't coke meant for a certain nose disease

  38. William Zhang says

    One stage of drinking: depression drinking

  39. ShookLikeJungkook says

    Why is everyone so 'tRiGgeReD' with this video? I literally see nothing wrong with it.

  40. Curt Christensen says

    I had fourteen drinks once. bartender called the cops. somehow I didn't get arrested, but I DON'T recommend it

  41. garbage person says

    That looks litty

  42. garbage person says

    Drugs are good

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