Steak and Eggs Hash • Tasty

Steak and Eggs Hash • Tasty
Dinner for breakfast! This steak and egg hash is full of vegetables and protein, the perfect start to your day! Sear off the steak fresh, or use leftovers from the night …

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  1. YEE YEE JUICE says

    Gosh i love mushrooms

  2. Dongah Kim says

    respect for all the cooks around the world…

  3. arike no L says

    *uses just salt and pepper*
    melanin rich folk:WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU

  4. Alvin Govender says

    Those potatoes had no colour around it. Hash is meant to be crispy. Another video just done for the sake of it. Take some pride next time

  5. So Tasty says

    It is very difficult to find beautiful looking cakes. And I stopped here to watch the whole video 😋 😋 🍰

  6. Cake Junkie says

    It is very difficult to find beautiful looking cakes. And I stopped here to watch the whole video 😋 😋 🍰

  7. Rebirth Index says

    What's with the weird aspect ratio of the video?

  8. Haley Faragalli says

    So yummy

  9. Deez Nuts says

    Buzzfeed: cook the steak to a beautiful rosy pink medium rare center.

    Also Buzzfeed: Now stick the same steak in the oven for 8-10 minutes or until completely dry and chewy

  10. Memes says

    I'd prefer the hash only tho

  11. Aimee Thomson says

    Ultimate test

  12. Renai Rea says

    Waiting last moment OHHH YESSSSS 🤣

  13. WhyMarci says

    i like ur videos but ur music is horrible

  14. TheJedaiHero9000 says

    Now, that looks so FRAKING DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!
    TRULY liked and enjoyed watching this!!!!!!!!

  15. Jimmy Schwartz says

    Simply wonderful!

  16. Sanjeewa Gamage says
    First w for the world 🔥

  17. Petit Chaperon Rouge Nada says

    My fav. 2 dishes!

  18. me me says


  19. Mik902 says

    I wouldn’t use anything but metal utensils on cast-iron because it will probably melt.

  20. LaTanya Porter says


  21. That's a lot of protein

  22. do not press says

    nyc classic style hmm

  23. Grace Hassan says

    These look soooo freaking delicious and I watch these kinds of recipes with mom who also loves these but never AGREES to make them or let ME make them!! 😭

  24. Desi series says

    plz my subscribed channal and tasty

  25. rudeboymon says

    Is there a vomit emoji? 👎

  26. Daily Zaiqa says


  27. Eveiana Lieras says

    Looks delicious

  28. Marcos Galarza says

    Does it need to be baked? Cant I just cover the top and have it cook like that

  29. Farah Ahmed says


  30. Quiff Osaurusrex says

    Wouldn't mind smoking some Hash😂😂

  31. Cooking with Sonny says

    My rule is if you can still see the steak you haven’t seasoned it enough 😆

  32. Katherine says

    Ahhhh! Stop please. I am craving a lot!!!

  33. Jere Banegas says

    Numero 4.845

  34. Maple apple Syrup says

    Who thinks their early to an video and few minutes late then you think your early no more?


  35. Dark says

    They forgot the lamb sauce

  36. Patricia Ann jones says

    I just love Tasty food and this looks so good

  37. lσzαи _4 says

    Like : love this chanall

  38. Diamond Bazooka says

    Love your channel and keep it up 💪

  39. Steve Logan says

    I'm Irish & i really like both recipes, very nice. I'll eat pretty much anything with potatoes, beef, eggs, cheese, i don't even need the peppers, tomatoes, etc.., i like that you kept the eggs runny instead of scrambled. Folks, use yukon gold taters, red taters are to waxy, & russets will fall apart & turn to mush, just a tip( we irish know a little about taters, lol)

  40. Atul Jha says

    Last time I was so early Taylor Swift was still a brunette

  41. MultiYoda69 says

    That's a pretty crappy steak you used


    Yummy! Who's hungry while watching this video? Check out my delicious food videos. 🙂

  43. the F says

    Tasty is getting savage with this vertical screen videos

  44. Aruesx says

    Now I want this for thanksgiving

  45. The Gourmet Grandad says

    Wow now this will do for me well done Tasty…👍👍…

  46. Rockstar Eater says

    As Rie would say, making steak and eggs fancy! =)

    How excited I look

  47. CE says

    Its called شكشوكه in arabic

  48. svpreme frank says

    Lmao they zoom in when they season the steak bc they know people be commenting "wheres the seasoning"

  49. Lxgacy Yt says

    Who’s been a huge fan of tasty before 2019??👇👇

    I’m gifting my next 69 loyal subs🎁

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