Steak & Roasted Veggies as made by Ayesha Curry

Steak & Roasted Veggies as made by Ayesha Curry
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  1. Giancarlo Torres says

    Give her some attention!!

  2. Ron Davis says

    Fuck that, I want her..9 times out of 10 she's probably married to some lazy, hideous, talentless bum anyway…..

  3. Lauren smith says

    She can't cook

  4. Ira Mapa says

    can you do this again

  5. Maximus Dylan says

    oh Steph currys wife on tasty never expected that

  6. issa princess says

    this doesnt look good to me at all
    the salmon n veggies looked 😍

  7. Rebecca Salumu says

    I love her

  8. myah’s Journey says

    Jayyyy I love Ayesha and tasty

  9. GermanIdiot says

    Curry cooking on and off the court

  10. Foreign EzzE says

    Omg 😮

  11. Ricky Gunarto says

    gsw go to the finals 4 straight time !!

  12. Rejz Antonio says

    next: chicken curry as made by ayesha curry

  13. Lou V says

    She looks like auhli'i cravaho in the thumbnail!😄❤

  14. GXNG_SHAWTY 123 says

    Stephen curry is my favourite nba player

  15. JKPanapanaan says

    That's the real chef curry

  16. Jayson Tan says

    Remember when she said the nba is rigged? i remember

  17. itsjustme says

    Chef Curry💪

  18. Max Nguyen says

    that'd be great for thanksgiving!

  19. Vanessa Louis says

    sorry but nope…doesnt look appetizing at all

  20. Priyankitha Pulipaka says

    i really loved her background commentary 🙂

  21. Turtle neck says

    I love the pears with the Brussels sprouts! A have to try this.

  22. Chels_Revenge_ Sweets says

    I love how she uses, cheap inexpensive recipes.. this is something i DEFINITELY gonna make

  23. Vanessa Shantae says

    Something about her annoys me

  24. Jose Arreola says

    Shes too formal! She needs to ease up amd relax more. Be yourself. And i mean truely be yourself

  25. jesus christ says

    How in the hell did you manage to overcook just the bottom half of the steak? I've cooked a lot of steaks and I've never managed to mess up that bad

  26. Selvi Angelita says

    adoring the rosegold frying pan 😍

  27. Nathaniel Evan says

    Damn steph one lucky man

  28. YaltsYaBoi says

    When I make steak and you do a butter roasted method with a cast iron is to take a little bit of butter and warm up the oil and butter already in the pan and pour it over it makes a AWSOME searing sound

  29. Sad Pencil says

    I can see why Steph in top form. It hates to find a perfect wife, it’s harder to find one that can cook

  30. Happi Smile says

    #1 bball player and #1 world chef as a family o-o

  31. Zaki Zainudin says

    But can she cook a mean curry tho?

  32. Jr star69 says

    Are you serious, dang not bad, not bad at all and cute too…

  33. Aubree Aidyn says


  34. Ashley Kyra says

    I Love Her 💚💚💚💚

  35. Fierce says

    That’s my wife.

  36. Adrienne says

    i think she should have made curry

  37. Baguett. says

    I thought Indians don’t eat beef

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