Strawberry Cheesecake Old-Fashioned Donuts

Strawberry Cheesecake Old-Fashioned Donuts
STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE OLD-FASHIONED DONUTS Serves 10-12 INGREDIENTS Donut 4 ounces cream cheese, softened ½ cup sugar 1 egg 1 …

Source Tasty
  1. Mewkityy says

    The pancake mix after finding out it was used in donuts: D:<

  2. Maria says

    my donuts from the inside was still raw and the outside looked burnt
    no matter how i put it on low heat it still turned the outside burnt color
    tho i still ate it and just putted whip cream all over to cover the burnt-ness

  3. Vivian Minevamp says

    I thought it said Old Strawberry Cheesecake Donuts.

  4. enoki shiro says

    1 minute video turned out to be 1 hour for me!

  5. Shook K says

    I need this now😍😍😍

  6. Chad Gibbs says

    Old fashioned donuts don't have a glaze everyone knows that

  7. 私自身愛 says

    ughh 🍓😭

  8. Sheamese Like says

    My fiance and I made these! They are AWESOME, only thing is we didn't do the holes so they look like coins, lol still good!

  9. ibrahim khan says

    Why is it old fashion dount

  10. pablo chicot says

    How is pancake mix "old fashioned"?

  11. uwu lol says

    I don't understand what is so old fashion about it!

  12. KatOfFuture says

    Nice, I want some old-fashioned, bite-sized heart attack as well!

  13. kiwi - uwu says


  14. Min Suga says

    Ah yes, the old-fashioned ingredient of pancake mix.

  15. Kylee Abramson says

    Lmao you curdled it.

  16. Selenator2000 says

    I subscribed

  17. how the fuck is this old fashioned?

  18. Goldy Dreams says

    Why am I watching this?? I'm a freakin useless child who can't even cook :l

  19. Afhaadi Shaikh says

    Don't you think Tasty uses a lot, where I mean LOT, it's a WHOLE LOT of cream cheese in their cooking videos?

  20. Krisandra Pereira says

    'Old Fashioned' Well Cream Cheese Wasn't There In The 'Old Days'

  21. Monikababa Ragalynnkkl says


  22. Monikababa Ragalynnkkl says


  23. Shantelle Isspopin says

    to be ho

  24. Who HATES cream cheese

  25. Sparkle Girl says

    I thought the filling was the Strawberry Cheesecake. But no, it was the DONUT

  26. Aubble says

    Does tasty realize that just because something has cream cheese in it doesn't make it a cheesecake?

  27. Martine Hauge says

    i was surprised that they didn't dunk the whole donut with powdered suger

  28. Lynn Duncan says

    y'all are so rude have so respect for these people. if they want to make food items using cream cheese they can. and also quit suggesting that someone else should make. These people are very talented so shut up

  29. Phuong Nguyen says

    Is old fashioned donuts really made out of pancake mix?

  30. Gina Griffin says

    Will homemade pancake mix work?

  31. Bradley Mears says

    That moment when you realize that you have all the ingredients!

  32. msjinabina says

    Can they be baked vs fried?

  33. Rebbeca Coulson says


  34. Swayan Nagpal says

    Any subsitute for eggs

  35. Kharisma Salwa says

    so tasty

  36. Daniel Modarres says


  37. Max McGrath Steele says

    Can we use yeast instead of egg… I'm a vegan

  38. Katisha Blackmon says

    Omg yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Sara Pop says

    I'm hungry someone bring me some donuts

  40. Melker ___ says

    What is pancake mix?

  41. Idk Idk says

    Um. I bought 16 OZ of cream cheese today for no reason. Can someone please tell me a good recipe to use it in. (I'm bein serious I regret buying it 😂😂)

  42. Cara Amador says


  43. Marsha Tillman says

    am i the only one who loves when he says "OH Yes! 😂😂😂👍🏾

  44. Jackie House says

    I need this in my life

  45. Rainbow Cupcakes :3 says


  46. Sergei Lewis says

    My heart shat itself just looking at this. ( IT LOOKS GREAT BUT SO UNHEALTHY)

  47. julka says

    Why "old – fashioned"?

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