Stuffed Steak Rolls

Stuffed Steak Rolls
Here is what you will need! Makes 6 Ingredients 2 tablespoons canola oil, divided 3 tablespoons chopped garlic 2 sweet onions, such as Vidalia, chopped 2 …

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  1. Blue Star says

    i thought i’ve seen it all…wow 💚

  2. Jonathan Song says

    This looks so healthy!

  3. Tasty and Fast says

    Excellent meat spirals). Thank you! #BeefSteakRoll

  4. *Me &U* says

    Just saw this shit on Snapchat on Tasty

  5. Michelle Kitten says

    making these right now!

  6. Cosmic Thief says

    From my experience, you need to have a really thin flank steak; mine was medium thin, and it didn't roll enough to not fall apart and the mixture fell out.

  7. Daniel Modarres says


  8. Ungku Dina says

    what can I use other than provolone cheese?

  9. Velcro says


  10. Black Bang says

    wahh it look so so yum yum..

  11. Christina Walker says

    why is there no seasoning

  12. Ian Fettt says

    Instead of mushrooms use bacon bits

  13. Patrick Mitchell says

    Need some peppers

  14. Taylor Kourkos says

    They made it look so easy! Once I sliced it into rolls they fall apart easily.

  15. Eldonski Dumaoang says

    I am hungry

  16. Mars G says

    A lot of the beef is rare and not fully cooked

  17. Annie Wadovick says

    Is it okay if I do it without the mushrooms? My family doesn't really like them. Also what other things would be good to stuff the steak with?

  18. Donna Long says

    I just made these! they don't look like these. But they are delicious!

  19. Jada spearman says


  20. Eve Asplund says


  21. Fluvia Mendez says

    What's a good side dish to go with this?

  22. Pigzit says

    The oh ho yes is SOOO annoying…

  23. Roger McNair says

    Experienced cooks only!  Other wise the cheese melts out and the pinwheels fall apart.

  24. Bill Dzieciolowski says

    Despite the amazing video, this recipe was HORRIBLE!! You have to make sure the steak is super thin and symmetrical or it will not roll. Mine was unfortunately too thick and not square so all the filling fell out. It also came out very tough. 🙁

  25. Nichole Kelly says

    Just saying it does not turn out looking like this!!!! Be sure to get a butcher to cut your flank steak so it is thin enough to roll otherwise it is impossible!!!! I literally just left it open and put the toppings on top and put it in the oven!!!

  26. Ryan Dunbar says

    Nightmare. Looks good but better start with a huge thin flank steak or you will have a really bad time. I thinned out my $17 steak and when I rolled them up shit was falling out. Then when frying in the pan cheese melted up more than expected. Stuck to the pan so badly that they were destroyed trying to flip them for the caramelization. I just ended up baking the rest of them. Surely taste great but be sure to have a butcher hook u up and get a huge steak for better results. Trust me on this.

  27. lovedrenched says

    hey hi do you cover with foil when you bake it?

  28. Fave says

    tried this…

    now Im fat

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