Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Hey lovelies! Today I decided to film a last minute Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup, it’s really simple and quick, I hope you enjoy it! Happy Halloween!!

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Samantha _Playz says

    Uhm….Roxxsaurus what is the costume of the sugar skull?

  2. Creeps jpg says

    i’m doing a look like this for halloween❤️❤️

  3. Manal Naouni says


  4. Galaxses Space says

    This is perfect for dia de los meartos hi I'm Mexican and this is way easier then what I did last day of the dead wich was temporary tattoo my face which was a b**ch to get off it hert so bad and my face was red

  5. Mariasita says

    always stunning💕.your halloween makeup is👌👌👌

  6. sushiesalmon 20 says

    Love the makeup and hairstyle

  7. Sara says

    Omg you are so good at this!!

  8. Ioana Pristoleanu says

    I love this tutorial and all the others in your playlist! This colour suits you really well for the hair btw 🙂

  9. Malaika says

    Wow I will definitely do this for Halloween this year 😄😄💖 love it
    – Mal 💖🌞

  10. Jerrica Leigh says

    This is beautiful! I just filmed a sugar skull tutorial on my channel as well!

  11. Aurora Lola says

    so i will look like this on halloween 😂❤

  12. Bridie Clark says

    can you do a tutorial of your hairstyle please???xx

  13. tal meyraz says

    I'm doing this

  14. Megan Phillips says

    Which hair color is in your hair right now?

    Also, amazing sugar skull

  15. Mia 17 says


  16. courtney stclairmillerxox says

    You just copied shaaanxo…..

  17. Lex Marie says

    This looks so easy I thought this stuff was hard but I'm an artist so it looks easy to me

  18. dorisandbarbra horan says

    Can you do a hair tutorial for your hair in this video it's lush!!

  19. mARISSA mAVROUDAS says

    "inspiration drawn from cultures can be made into anything," very true, heres my dia de los muertos inspired hair clips 

  20. mARISSA mAVROUDAS says

    love all your videos. you are very talented and have an inherently unique style. keep it up! you inspire me. rock on! 

  21. Audrey Song says

    How do you do your hair like that? I love it!

  22. Emily Harathy says

    What is your hair color ???

  23. Cloe Lloyd says

    Told ya, I lo e the catrina (sugar skull) I love it, Great Job dear

  24. Amelie says

    Wow I was a sugar skull for Halloween
    Amazing video

  25. Isabella. says

    Can you do a eyeliner tutorial?? 😀

  26. Alyssa Mathews says

    Holy crap you deserve a ton more subscribers!! Didnt even watch the video yet and i subscribed 🙂

  27. WORTH THE RISK says

    Do you ever model? You seriously have the perfect face for it and you seem to be so photogenic! This is look is beautiful by the way. You have way too much talent for one person! <3

  28. Briar lynne says

    You're one of my favorite youtubers! Gosh you're just beautiful!

    I'm thinking about starting a channel myself at one point when I have the equipment lol

    what kind of camera do you use??:)

    Thanks in advance 💓

  29. idamariiee b says

    I love it, but I do think you need to read this; 

  30. Niamh Rosie says

    What camera do you use to film your videos? I want to start a youtube account but can't find a camera I can afford… Thank you, love your account xx

  31. Zeta Xu says

    this is so gorgeous, and your voiceover descriptions are, i don't know how to put it but they're easy to follow! i swear you're the only person on earth who can look scary and beautiful at the same time! wow! 

  32. Hijacktheseeyes says

    Z rodzina rozmawiasz po polsku czy po angielsku ?? Świetny filmik

  33. Love Saskia says

    Love your channel so much!

  34. MISGummiBears says

    what hair dye are you using?

  35. Katerina Williams says

    Love it! 🙂 

  36. Foriza Yahaya says

    you should start posting singing videos👌

  37. alexa torres says

    this is so common  here in mexico btw love the tutorial 🙂

  38. BridgetsBudgetBeauty says

    I absolutely love this tutorial, thank you it is so beautiful!

  39. AJ Clementine says

    Stunning!! True artist I swear! Love you <3 xx

  40. tarsh pace says

    HIIII!!! love your channel!! ur a huge inspiration for me 🙂 you should make a video of ur favorite things, like makeup, music, fashion, clothes, movies ect 🙂 

  41. Amy Alas says

    Cultures aren't costumes

  42. Lucie Miyakai says

    You look perfect with everything, I just love your exist

  43. lil g says

    this is very pretty but just so you know, sugar skulls shouldn't be used as costumes or halloween makeup as it is cultural appropriation! i'm sure u weren't intending to offend anyone but sugar skulls are really culturally significant for some people and using them as fun makeup can be offensive. love your channel though 🙂

  44. Kayla Taylor says

    Wonderful tutorial! Lover your personality 🙂 check out my version of this look😊💗

  45. Geraldine Barnes says

    I really love the sugar skull tutorials! I am so happy you did one too! It looks great!

  46. Violeta Chavez says

    Beautiful!!! (*_*)

  47. Charlotte190420 says

    What's your Instagram?

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