Surprising Things Your Body Does After Childbirth

Surprising Things Your Body Does After Childbirth
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  1. Wonder Llama says

    I think I’m going to adopt…

  2. fonjadidi says

    For anyone with loose pregnancy skin I've seen people use derma rollers with great results!

  3. Julissa Arriola says

    Oh man too late am pregnant pregnant 🤰 😫

  4. seray aydın says

    Sorry but this is a horror video i love myself more than anything #childlesslife

  5. Elisa Jones says

    Pregnant Mama Club 🤰🏻💕 Love that these videos actually relate to me now 😍 (though ngl, definitely watched all these sorts of things before; fascinating!)

  6. It's Me says

    Nothing of this happend to me. Just my bra siue changed, and of course I changed mentally. But everything was worth it!

  7. Loocyfer - says

    People who are put off getting pregnant by this video – don't be. They've found women who experienced a lot during pregnancy. I had a gorgeous pregnancy, no morning sickness, no cravings, I only put on about 12lbs. I didn't look pregnant until about 6 months and even then I could hide it with a loose jumper.
    Postpartum I did have hair loss but its because your hair doesn't fall out as much during pregnancy so actually all it is is your body getting rid of the excess hair. I also had the night sweats mentioned on this video. I would wake up dripping in sweat for about 2 months after giving birth, but again there's a reason for this. It's your body getting rid of the excess water you store during pregnancy. That, combined with breastfeeding meant I lost all of my pregnancy weight plus extra, in 6 weeks.
    Pregnancy is not that horrible, otherwise people wouldn't do it over and over. You need to focus on what's beyond those 9 months.

  8. Ana María says

    As a pregnant woman, none of this sounds really bad to me. It's like, 'yes but I'm growing a person so who really cares' and my pregnancy has been really rough so far. The only thing I'm not into is the hemorrhoids, but I'll have a c-section so it's fine.

  9. Miss Carris says

    Yeah don’t want to have kids anymore, thanks.

  10. jbangelofdeath says

    regarding boobs: make the shops aware what size you need, that their offers are too small/big or have the wrong cut alltogether. If you have the right size, the drooping will not be as bad and reduce itself over time 🙂

  11. hervva says

    Girls eat dates in your last month (5 a day), i gave birht almost no pain, and i almost didnt experience pospatrum – it was a breze in comparison what it takes mentaly to take care of newborn

  12. AnikaNika says

    "I looked like Double chin beach whale"

  13. Angel Ky. says

    At first, hearing all these things really really made me not want to have kids. I've heard how childbirth is, scissors are involved… and now there are after effects? They dont all seem so bad, but it was really disheartening once it hit the possiblity of health issues.
    But then, the last mom's comment really encouraged me. "Whatever marks they left on my body, is worth it because I have them." A mother's love truly is the closest thing to unconditional love. I cannot wait now to experience it myself. 😊😊

  14. Areej Alyafee says

    Moms are amazing and I don’t want to get pregnant

  15. Danielle Gulledge says

    I'm not pregnant, but I'm scared and want to have a baby still

  16. Ayesha Khalid says

    Chandler's a girl.
    Oh my God kindergarten flashback

  17. I want to have a baby.

  18. VHGBeliever says

    OK Buzzfeed…🙄 NOT every women’s body gets ‘ruined’ and it’s NOT normal that that woman cannot hold it back when she has to pee, she should get that checked out.

  19. jeenjeanjeen says

    Adopt, dont pop (one out).

  20. Erin Mullen says

    Listen my feet are already size 11 and I ain't ever been pregnant soooo… #childfree

  21. Savannah Swan says


  22. Bitch Pudding says

    My sons grown now. He just turn 20. I loved his childhood days. If I could do it all over again I would. It’s so worth it. Some of the best days of my life. Now I’ll wait around for grandkids….can’t wait.

  23. Por Que says

    Umm youtube has been spying on me… why does videos about pregnancy and babies stuff keep popping up on my homepage? Yes im planning thanks for your suggestion but its freaking me out.

  24. LadyC7336 says

    Ok, they had forgotten to mention the horrific cramps you get after birth. Before pregnancy your uterus is right below your belly button. At the end of pregnancy it’s above or just on your belly button. After having your baby, your uterus tries to shrink back down in size. Whilst it’s doing so you get (what feels like) extreme period like pains. On and off for 2 weeks this happened to me. Some days were not to bad, others just made me cry. Lucky enough once it’s over, it’s over.

  25. Seattle West says

    Another reason not to have children!!!

  26. Sofía Arias Velásquez says

    Womans are the best!

  27. Elena Lopez says

    I love this as a mom of an almost 1 year old I appreciate this honesty it makes it all feel better it’s nice to know I’m not alone 😭

  28. Dyllon Lohmann says

    3:273:33 wait sumthin aint right here

  29. says

    What I hate is when people assume I want kids.
    It's not what I want.

  30. Blaq Betty says

    i don't want nooo baby

  31. Evanora Moon says

    “I was a size 9 shoe and now I’m a size 10 after pregnancy. So I’m two sizes bigger now”

    ….Um…. im bad at math . Can someone explain this logic to me?

  32. Dannie Newtzel says

    I'm a year postpartum and this made me tear up, so sweet

  33. Rosalinda Castillo says

    Omg breastfeeding is a torture, my nipples bleed and hurt so much that I cried all the time while breastfeeding 😭😭

  34. Coconut Pal says

    Yeah, I still want to get married and have plenty of kids.

  35. Yen Bui says

    Good to know! But definitely terrifying … >.<

  36. Kristin Nettle says


  37. casual freak says

    Orphanages on the rise!!

  38. Unknown F says

    Im happy for you ladies that never wanna have kids but leave them comments to yourselves some women are trying super hard to have kids some cant even have any at all, why even watch a video on pregnancy or anything related if your decision is final on not having? If you’re curious watch in silence.

  39. Mon E says

    With my first child, I had an episiotomy, which means they had to cut from my vagina down to pretty much my butthole to get her out because her heart rate was going down too fast (and she had a huge head). They stitched it back up but I couldn't walk for weeks, the pain was so unbearable and I never fully healed until after a year. Even after its healed, you can see and feel the lump of where they cut. It won't go away. Here I am pregnant again, and I fear they will have to cut me again 😓

  40. XiXi Gonzales says

    Oh jeez………. y’all I was already thinking I might not want to have kids after all but uhm……damn, I’m 18 already thinking of a breast lift because my breasts are really heavy and now my breasts could deflate and my feet could grow🥵🥵🥵

  41. Ashley Lord says

    Don't let this video scare you. I'm pregnant with my second baby .. for some reason as a mom you don't mind these changes as much as you thought you would.

  42. PeteyPistolDee03 says

    I had a horrible pregnancy and was on bed rest most of it. Tore front to back and had a couple stitches. Was shopping and snagged one on my panties and let me tell you how badly I wanted to die on that moment. Never again

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