Sweet & Elegant Prom Makeup

Sweet & Elegant Prom Makeup

Hi guys, sorry for the re-upload, I’ve realized I made a typo on the video the red lippie shade suppose to be #Lyin’ King not #Bossy as some of you guys might …

Sweet & Elegant Prom Makeup
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. 光人明かり says

    I wish I could apply them perfectly as much as you do '-'

  2. Yến Hải says

    Your all video still trend in 2019

  3. Y e e t u s D e f e a t u s says

    Does anyone know what style of bangs she has? I need to touch up my bangs and her bangs are so pretty I’m so jealous.

  4. DaBinLeeYeung says

    R u EvEn hOoMan?

  5. itsPrincessLife says

    You look like a filipina artist/dancer/singer ac bonifacio for some angles

  6. sherry chen says

    how can someone b this pretty is beyond me

  7. Alanna Liu says

    Would this look work with a navy blue dress?

  8. Athirah L says

    Idk if I wanna cry when I look at myself or cry because she's so perfect and beautiful. I really like this look❤️♥️

  9. Shona Wynne says

    your videos are so calming ahhh ꒰๑•̥﹏•̥๑꒱

  10. Evelyn Mayara says

    I love it!

  11. Ms. Anaconda says

    omg The thumbnail hair was like lisa hairstyle From kill this love🔥

  12. Blue Lotus says

    I tried this makeup. And it’s so pretty and I did really well on it. But I didn’t match it because my face is big ( Circle ) . I guess this makeup only will look good on other ppl but for sure not me. 😭

  13. pikachu says

    are you korean? why are korean girls so cute?

  14. julia sam says

    would you please share with us your skin care routine, your whole skin is just gorgeous, I mean do you have masks that you apply for your whole body?

  15. sunhee says

    You're slaying that long hair

  16. William Sparta VIP says
  17. Kara Savvinova says

    miss you so much((( my favourite video of you

  18. oh yeah boi :3 says

    how to make a sweet and elegant makeup
    step one: being beautiful

  19. eunice navarro says

    do you guys think this look would fit my long black off shoulder bodycon dress? 🙂

  20. LOVE KPOP DREAM says

    Es malditamente hermosa❤

  21. Saz V says

    Your makeup is so good and you are so beautiful ♥️♥️♥️

  22. Julie Egloso says

    Wait ? Is this only me ? Something change on your face .. u look thin hmm.

  23. Jubelle & Carl says

    You're so beautiful 😘❤️ and Inspiring 😍

  24. Bitter Sweet pills says

    My everyday look now.

  25. Cynthia Meirah Voormeij says

    You often wear fake irises. Which brand?

  26. Ira says

    Envy with your skin tone 😭

  27. S N E H A says

    You are beautiful❤️

  28. Oof Oof says
  29. Lax Clyne says

    I got my confidence in applying, experimenting and wearing eye make up because of her ❤️❤️❤️

  30. nicole19 says

    literally the definition of perfect

  31. Sugar Shi says

    Step one: BE GORGEOUS

  32. Nona Pederaja says

    Please make a Graduation Photo make up tutorial. Love from Philippines ♡

  33. San Kim says

    I wanna know how she edit her video. It’s so pretty and cool. Also lover her looks here.

  34. Jaya Tilwani says

    Yeah I enjoyed this video very much soon I will try this makeup look and will tag u on instagram

  35. Sandaaay says

    youre so pretty!!

  36. osh_ho q says

    Every once in a while I come back to you Chanel because it makes me happy! You are very sweet ,beautiful,mysterious….I just genuinely like you!💜

  37. Nana40 Gi says

    Look like Aum Patcharapa ,the famous actress from Thailand

  38. baby frida says

    IM EO HAPPY FOR HAVING THE SAME FACE SHAPE AS U. such an honor honestly

  39. Misaki Usui says

    omf gurl my wig 🤧🤯 so freaking pretty

  40. Techno DJexpo says

    What's the name of this song ??

  41. Kasper says

    Where did you get your wig????

  42. manal naeem says

    Oh my God… U effortlessly work on ur make up and u look so good. U make it look so simple that easy but its not. That's how amazing u are!! ❤️

  43. Snail Tato says

    Make up makes your inner beauty pop out more, you are gorgous with and without😔💙💙💙

  44. Wonderland Mad says


  45. Commit Die says

    Is this okay for morena skin?

  46. Bernaaa says

    I AM SO GONNA USE THIS AT PROM!! BC THE ENTIRE LOOK IS 🔥🔥 it would've been better if you also include the hairstyle 💖

  47. Selim Selim says

    This is the first time im watching your videos,,,
    Your videos are very good,,,,,

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