Sweet Potato Casserole Mini Galettes • Tasty

Sweet Potato Casserole Mini Galettes • Tasty
These mini sweet potato galettes are the perfect blend between sweet and savory! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to …

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  1. 爆豆PxPcOrN says

    Sees Word Casserole

    Cliccs Fast

  2. uekiguy says

    I've heard conflicting definitions of the term "galette". Is there anybody out there who could please define "galette"? Thank you.

  3. Sammy Sledd says

    See this would be more of a sweet potato pie mini, cause sweet potato casserole doesn’t have crust…..

  4. W W says

    Can y’all please post a lentil soup recipe here or on the app? You’d make my day if you did!!!

  5. rafaelthedarkangel says

    In Brazil we call this esfiha.

  6. Martha says

    I wish they called this Sweet Potato Pie instead of Casserole

  7. Elisa Brozek says

    I got an ad for tasty before the video and I was genuinely confused when I saw a chocolate cheesecake

  8. me me says

    Potatoes not supposed to be sweet

  9. Lavender Creme says

    Tasty. I hope you see this.


  10. Daniel Milton says

    I’m just vibin

    Don’t mind me

  11. Cooking with passion says


  12. Alexander Daniels Escobar says

    This looks so yummy!!!! I’m so making these!!

  13. sarah cooking says

    Very nice recipe thank you for sharing 🌹🌹🌹

  14. 1,000 subs No videos says

    I wanted a regular sweet potato casserole but this will due

  15. Sejdi BOOSI.16 BOOSI 16 says

    why you dont make 100 pundo 1 french driche

  16. Aboodi II says

    Where is can this chef make three course meal i miss that series bring it back plz😭

  17. Alex Porebski says

    Is sweet potato accually sweet? (I'm from Europe and I have never had it)

  18. Blah BLA BLA bla Blah says

    Why does tasty not get as much likes as fast?!

  19. Sahana Prabhu says

    cool yummy

  20. CookingYusra says


  21. Anna Polking says

    if ur early welcome to the land of ppl begging for likes and subs have fun

  22. TheFuture Player says

    Thanksgiving ?

  23. Wow amazing recipes 😃

  24. Derrick Jones says


  25. MAN VS WORLD says

    I'm new channel

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