Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet & Savory Sweet Potato Casserole
Are you Team Savory or Team Sweet? Come together as we bake our Sweet AND Savory Potato Casserole in our @LGUSA ProBake Convection …

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  1. _ ellie_ says

    2:08 ads alert !

  2. Potted milk Look milk

  3. dalia garcia says

    ew wtf

  4. how is this different from candied yams?

  5. watermelonxsmile says

    So it's mashed sweet potatoes with sweets on top? America, honey, no,

  6. Firdowsa Nour says


  7. Julie Bank says

    I will just never ever understand a dinner where marshmallows are part of the main course..

  8. Anastasia Bm says

    How many servings does one get out of one half?

  9. yagami lite says


  10. Motun Animashaun says

    Did they just put marshmallows next to that or am I just seeing things?

    I'm sorry but why?

  11. diaverde09 says

    Why don't you just use mini-marshmallows like a NORMAL person instead of cutting marshmallows in half with scissors one-by-one?

  12. Henning Marxen says

    As written before, tis style of product placement is illegal in most EU countries you have to announce the product placement clearly at the beginning. You should geoblock these videos in the EU.

  13. muc says

    america do you think this is fucking funny i s2g

  14. Stomachache says

    Collab with LG…?! Woaho 세상에 엘지랑 테이스티랑 영상이 같이 나올줄이야 한국인이라 행복하다 ㅋㅋ

  15. kllef itis says

    2:08 shamless promotion

  16. IceGummi says

    Tasty be like "LG please give us coochie we're begging you"

  17. Pickles pie says

    Wait… marshmallows and sweet potato!?!?

  18. Springtime Sally says

    I've never seen orange sweet potatoes before

  19. Marcin Mysluwiec says

    If I had to choose one side, I will choose the savory side. 😋🥔

  20. Miesha Atkins says

    Stopppppp your murdering the sweet potatoes😵

  21. Cre3ps Plays says

    Im canadian and we spend thanks givng on october

  22. Bright Light says

    Kalen Allen has to review this

  23. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 97,583rd!

  24. Nia Cortes says

    What do you have against using different casseroles?

  25. a melancholy brown says

    If you remember in any of the try guys when drunk Eugene said "Why do white people only eat casserole" Lol love him 🤣❤😁

  26. irma says

    i just KNOW i would accidentally put the marshmallows on the savory side

  27. Kitty cat says

    That lookups delicious

  28. Manny Perez says

    Where is the recipe link?

  29. Nahian Islam Usra says


  30. Nabila Najma says

    Does LG sponsor this??

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