POOL Q&A – Hello Citizens of Azzyland….Hope you enjoy this Q&A in the pool! Ask me more questions using #ASKAZZY … I LOVE YOU ALLLLL ♡ SUBSCRIBE …

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  1. Honey Playsrb says


  2. Danny says

    iCarly was my favorite T.V. show as a kid

    I still am. Not gunna lie

  3. Marty Mcfly 88MPH says

    Nice fakes Azzy!

  4. lovely angel says

    At 3:29 did any one see a jet

  5. Hope Gardner says

    Y is everyone so negative
    Azzy is amazing and I would do anything to be as positive as her. I LOVE U AZZY!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡

  6. Animal Lover says

    What big

    What a big pool you have 🙂

  7. Animal Lover says

    It looks like it’s about to rain. She should get inside lol.

  8. Shah Office says

    what do you do when you're bored?
    How old are you?

  9. Shah Office says

    Omg can you please make a video of you being a mermaid by the way love you so much

  10. Gaz Thompson says

    Do a backflip

  11. Chauntel J says

    Your awsome and beautiful and super sweet!!!!

  12. Kamron Thurmond says

    Delicious! 😚👌

  13. William Horsford says

    Do you love 💓 her pool

  14. Wen Yu Tan says

    azzy….you’ll never see this but i love you

  15. Cedric Chua says

    Take of your bicini

  16. Cedric Chua says

    Oop’s my bad 🤗 I doors not food

  17. Cedric Chua says

    i wish I can eat your foods 🍑😋

  18. Mihir Joshi says

    Azzy is such a positive soul…. She brings that energy all the time!

  19. Rhonda Alger says

    I got bulled in preschool because I was short and now we go to the same school and I’m taller than him

  20. Cutie_chan says

    Is u read them all can I be pinned 😏

  21. Rohan Harrilal says

    Sexiesy youtubet

  22. Josiah Johnson says

    #askazzy do you like jorde

  23. Çathølīc Büññy says


    Azzy please pick one of these powers.

    1 : Able to breath underwater

    2 : Flight

    3 : Making your hair float when your angry, and being able to have super strength

  24. Anand Bhatt says

    azzy you are my bestestest fan/ friends

  25. kan you duv aj doks chalens for 24 avrs

  26. Jeff says

    Good enough for me…zip

  27. Leyla Kutait says

    I love you Azzy

  28. Leyla Kutait says

    Azzy do you know prestont and brianna

  29. Leyla Kutait says

    Am I your friend Azzy if you are yay but still i am your freind

  30. Leyla Kutait says

    Azzy i am a fan and please heart my comment you are the best

  31. The momment when You Watch the video and then watch it again while scrolling down to see the comment section Akward

  32. Tayshaun Joseph says

    A and a your not hole

  33. Chef luigi Super star says


  34. Ryan Coleman says

    I played Twilight Princess on the three consoles it was released on and after that I just needed a break from the series and I moved out of my parents place when I was 27!! I love you videos by the way!

  35. Jamie-Lee Glass says

    We all know why it has so many views, stay strong boys

  36. Galaxy_Blue Moon says


  37. 〖Łucifer〗 says

    Make p** videos please please please. Big fan by the way.

  38. Gen hannah mae Frane says

    Your not even doing anything in your pool you just standing

  39. Ellen Melody says

    Whats your real name #askazzy

  40. Nijhilie Brown says

    How did you and Jordy meet

  41. Matt Foster says

    Ur beautiful

  42. Ajla Kurtanovic says

    Azzy aj love ju

  43. Krrishnav Gupta says

    Azzy ily

  44. Tat Hubbard says

    Hi Azzy

  45. Monika Kromková says

    Good video

  46. Eligaming says

    I se a Brown spot on your chest

  47. Milan Mudgal says

    How I wish that what she was wearing was green😎😚😚😏

  48. Jace ponder Plz sub says

    Do a Q&A at a beach

  49. Naseta says

    Just noticed you have a head! 😂

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