Talking Tech & Meme Review with Will Smith!

Talking Tech & Meme Review with Will Smith!
Talking and tech meme review with Will Smith, living legend and fellow YouTube Rewind alumn. Will Smith: MKBHD Merch: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Marques Brownlee says

    Is this what you wanted?

  2. Makesa Bev says

    off topic but thanks Marques for the advice re best phones to purchase – we met at LAX airport you may recall last weekend

  3. Tejas Cavale says


    – WILL SMITH 2018

  4. COSMO-Q says

    Ahh thats HOT

  5. - Haris - says

    Hey its Markass brown lee 😃👍


    Yes will smith review cringe moment

  7. MM Billionaire says

    Marquee going into showbiz talk

  8. waleed yasin says

    My black niggas!

  9. Wisam Elshahawy says

    I love willSmith

  10. Me asme says

    Dude, so good!


    Meme review starts from 13:15.

  12. Jisan Kair says


  13. Naveen Maurya says

    Have You Ever met to Sundar Pichai (CEO of GOOGLE ) .
    WE really want you to talk with him.
    Who's Agree ?

  14. theloniousMac says

    From reviewing toys in his child videos to interviewing Musk and Will Smith and others. That fascinates me.

  15. Captain Grochat says

    Will Smith is a vampire like Keenu Reeves

  16. DHBKMAX says

    Will Smith is genius, one of the best actor of all time. Kudos to Marques for bringing Will to month of October tech.

  17. Cyba IT says

    It's funny how both Will and Elon talked about the old massive 80's cellphones. I guess that's one of the first things we think of when we think of technology advancing.

    I was also wondering why Marques was so restrained in this interview then I realised that he's just being himself, it's just that Will is so charismatic and experienced he made Marques seem restrained.

  18. Sydney says

    100% admire this guy, his wit floors me every time.

  19. Yohai Shraga says

    Marques the entire interview your face shows you can't belive you are sitting with will smith.

  20. Nimit Vaishnav says

    Will's gettin jiggy with tech!

  21. Navrix says

    1:04 i thought he was gonna do the

  22. Player 2 Nation says

    11:55 LOL my dad use to tell me that as a kid… before he left

  23. Okoroafor Covenant says

    Will Smith impressions; Full review coming soon

  24. Akash Jha says

    Most Funniest video on this channel till now btw I thought It's Will Smith Review

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