Talking Tech with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella!

Talking Tech with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella!
Satya Nadella talks Microsoft, new products, Steve Baller’s advice and going to Mars! 2020 Surface Products: Surface Neo and …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Nirajan Acharya says

    Bro! You are amazin'

  2. Dudeless says

    this guy is born in a city from where I was born

  3. 500 Phenom says

    mkbhd is a fraud

  4. P S says

    If he is taking advice from Steve Ballmer Microsoft is doomed Bulma was a fkn psychopath who did untold damage to Microsoft!!

  5. Ivan Kutsarov says

    Hey Microsoft, you suck. You are boring, uninspiring and slow. You want me to sit Infront of my huge bulky yesteryear PC packed with fans and LEDS, glued to uncomfortable chair using your half backed atrocious OS. No thank you! I sold all this monstrosity and I am an exclusive smartphone user now. Mobile and free from the bounds of all this prehistoric nonsense. I believe this is the future. And you are not a part of it.

  6. Nikhil G says

    Interviewing Microsoft CEO wearing an Apple Watch ! Doesn’t the CEO get PTSD ?

  7. NinjaCyborg says

    Wow, most boring interview ever

  8. John Smith says

    PATHETIC! worst software on earth!

  9. TJC450 says

    Can’t wait for his new show “between two monitors” on Netflix.

  10. erfan zaki says

    interviews Microsoft CEO wearing an Apple watch,…..
    Absolute Savage 😂

  11. TheXV22 says

    Worthless interview, I could have said the same bullshit he said.

  12. Christus Terran says

    Shir many ceo are indian now

  13. EiGHTSHViE says

    Satya looks really happy. Must've woken up to a cup of Cappuccino rather than coffee. 🙃

  14. Yohai Betser says

    Wow such CEO business speak.. this is quite a waste of time to listen to.. any leader of any organization would always answer these same questions I'm exactly the same way.. always "positive" "forward thinking" and what not.. kind of hoped to hear something actually real and not only words that make the stock go up and public image cleaner.. yawn

  15. nitsanbh says

    Is it just me, or is Satya not answering any of MKBHD's questions

  16. Green is Beautiful says

    And you're inspiring us with your Visual Studio

  17. P8qzxnxfP85xZ2H3wDRV says

    Steve Ballmer is either the most incompetent manager of all time or a criminal who should be in jail. If he had done to a US company, what he did to Nokia, he'd be rotting behind bars right now.
    The death of Symbian, Maemo and subsequently MeeGo threw technology back by decades and we've still not recovered. It created a new branch in the development tree of information technology that humankind will have to painfully merge back to the trunk.

  18. Eugene Le says

    Imo, very good interview, thank you, Marques!

  19. TheXV22 says

    This guy gives a lot of bullshit corporate-talk type of answers. It's almost pointless listening to him.
    Terrible interview. I think this is the first time I disliked an MKBHD video in years.

  20. Arcvde says

    Great video

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