Tall Girls Wear Heels For A Week

Tall Girls Wear Heels For A Week
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  1. Cassidy 12 says

    My dad called me a giant and I slapped him

  2. Catherine Campbell says

    You guys are going to be mad at me!
    Just 5’9 isn’t really considered as tall!

    I’m 6’3 like come on people, REALLY?

  3. Urooj Khan says

    I’m i the only tall person that likes wearing heels?

  4. My sister is 11 and 160 cm tall.beat that

  5. Tsuki Akari says

    I'm 5'7 and yet, I wear heels. Not any heels higher then 4 inches though.

  6. XxWaterMelonQueenxX says

    I'm 5'6 and 12, watching this video makes me feel average, lol

  7. Emma Waldstroem says

    i love it how they're complaining how their so tall when im 5'10" (177cm) at 13!……

  8. Myszka Miki says

    I’m 14 and 5’8 hope I don’t grow anymore

  9. Jamie Whitehead says

    Safiyas so gorgeous

  10. PsychoKitty사랑 says

    I'm only 4'11" I can't relate

  11. Lucia Irene says

    5’9” here and i looove heels.

  12. Amby Mozalles says

    Buzzfeed must not have a lot of tall women because I’m taller than all of them as a freshman yeah

  13. Norma Bustos says

    I am 16 and 5'8 I don't feel happy! I always wanted to wear heel like always! Guys always joke around and make me feel and sad…;/

  14. Reese R says

    Saf 2015: buzzfeed video wearing heels for a week
    Saf 2018: platform crocs 9 foot long denim and teva uggs

  15. Han Suga says

    I'm a Maldivian and woman aren't tall here I'm 5,3" I'm considered tall and it's uncomfortable hanging out with shorties

  16. NobodyLikesMe says

    I’m 5’5 and 15 and I ain’t even that tall but still often the tallest girl in a group I really hope I don’t grow anymore wish I could just shrink

  17. Thats Whats Up says

    Only rule is just be feminine

  18. Amari The Nurd says

    I'm 6 feet tall and I love wearing heels cuz I feel like a giant

  19. nicole munn says

    im 6ft 2 would have been nice to see a woman that height wearing heels

  20. Jashera Reddy says

    Saf's wesring colors! OMG!

  21. Jelyn Mccann says

    At 1:26 , I can see Zach, Keith and Eugene! Lol. It's kinda weird seeing tryguys and Saf still in BuzzFeed in one video.

  22. crictonites says

    random person: OMG YOU ARE SO TALL
    me: oh wow- thanks i didnt notice

  23. Interesting Username says

    5'9" IS NOT TALL

  24. Leyera Favela says

    I'm 4'8……why am I watching this 😂

  25. 민켈리 says

    Im 5’8 and reading the comment section makes me feel short.

  26. Colter Hinckley says

    As a 6’6” dude, I’m this is really relatable

  27. Steph says

    Saf is wearing colours, is she okay 😮

  28. Darah Reyes says

    I go to a church that's full of hispanics, and if you don't know most hispanics tend to be short (both men and women). I'm 5'7 (not that tall ik) and I'm already the tallest girl in my church, but when I wear my heels…I'm the tallest person out of everyone. Funny thing is, I liked a guy who was 5'2

  29. Olivia Wilson says

    "Tall women" tall for women isn't 5'6" to 5'10" that's natural for women. Want to know what's tall? 7'2". I'm giant. These women are short. It's just misleading when a video says tall girls and they're shorter or about natural height for women. Just imo.

  30. Mrs Autry says

    I'm 6'1 so yeah…these ladies are more average height

  31. Rachel B says

    I love heels, but my boyfriend is 5'5 and I'm 5'7 (20yrs) 😑 so if I wear them I'm 5'10 or 11 and I just do not feel comfortable being 5ish inches taller than him lol

  32. Jay says

    This is such a tb to saf and ty, and to just think that they're engaged 💙💒👰💍

  33. Naomi Yokoi says

    Y’all freaking giants

  34. Sarah Heemskerk says

    Hi I live in the Netherlands and I wonder if 5’7” is tall in the US. Can someone tell me??😂

  35. Meriem Mohamedcherif says

    omg i can totally relate i’m 5’6 in 8th grade so i’m kind of taller than everyone ahhh and now i’m having graduation and i’m wearing heels and i’m kind of afraid

  36. Anushka Singh says

    Its lucky that we tall girls don't have to wear heels ..
    Heels are not good for our bodies..it's scientifically proven

  37. Yasse The Wall says

    Lol im 5'0" and im 11 years old😂

  38. The Everything Productions says

    I know that I'm not short, but I just really wish I were like six feet tall. Right now, I'm 5' 7", and I feel insecure because I don't like being this short. I know I shouldn't but all the boys that I was taller than in elementary school are now taller than me, which I really hate.

  39. Next_ Monday says

    When I'm standing next to someone taller than me male or female it make me feel like I have a small penis

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