Tall Women Wear Platforms for a Day

Tall Women Wear Platforms for a Day
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  1. PastelAngel 15 says

    The thot necklace tho- where do I get one?

  2. Sally Bourque says

    i’m 12 and 5’5

  3. Darkstiella says

    Tall girls: oh my god i hate being tall its so annoying
    Me: being 4ft 10 in tall keep talking b*tch

  4. Jiddy12345 says

    I always thought Jazz was 6'4

  5. Jessica Gordon says

    This video ended very abruptly. The whole thing was edited poorly. Not buzfeed’s best

  6. Orestria says

    Someone talking to me: Oh, you're not that tall
    Me: stands up properly instead of my slouch; grows 3-4 inches
    Them: OH.

  7. u w u says

    Im 168cm (5'6), wore a 3 inch heels once and ended up being taller than most of the guys in the school eeeee it was fun

  8. ShinteiKun says

    why is everyone so obsessed with height???? being tall SUCKS!!!!! I'm 6 ft 7…
    Literally, it has only ONE pro… you can reach things in high places… THAT'S IT!
    Also… I wear 51 shoe size (euro size) That's like 16 1/2 in the US I think… google is failing me on the topic.
    But, in Dalmatia that is a norm. men rarely go under 6 ft… if they do, they're considered midgets… and women often go around 6 ft, sometimes go even higher.

  9. Tuesday Barron says

    everything I have from dolls kill is awesome quality so this makes me sad those shoes didn’t last what the heck. they both look gorgeous tho

  10. Joseph Flanagan says

    So hot love

  11. Reyna Lopez says

    I’m 5’4 but i feel tall because most of my friends are no taller than 5’2/5’1 😒

  12. CounTessa says

    I like your choker 😊 did u make it or buy it? I use to wear a dog choke chain as a necklace, but I stopped because I was worried about accidentally choking myself 😂 but how you have it looks super cute!

  13. Tracy A says

    I’m 5’10 and I love how I look in platform/high heeled shoes. BUT… my feet do not love them! Lol. Plus it’s a serious workout to wear platforms. It’s tiring!

  14. Valeria Chipao says

    thats what you guys get for buying from fast fashion brands,, heel broke !!!

  15. Nuruto GoodGuy says

    I’m 5”10 and wish I was shorter

  16. VBV TV says

    Tall women are hot!

  17. C L says

    im 6 foot and i love platforms so much

  18. Jodi Lund says

    You both looked amazing. I think I'm in to tall girls all of the sudden. Hetero btw lol

  19. TheChazzmander says

    Ah I wanted to hear more of their thoughts at the end but for some reason the video cut out. What happened? =(

  20. Sammy Sweet says

    Truly, one of my favorite aesthetics is tall woman with platform boots

  21. 권수정 says

    I want to look taller but if my feet really not good to stand in anything high. High heels or platform i often slipped when i walk, often sprain my ankle. Curse my not so talented feet

  22. Amy Zarbis says

    Im so distracted by jazmynes eyebrows

  23. Siobhan Pryde says

    But how tall are they?

  24. Autumn Alyxanndra says

    Abrupt ending lol

  25. Marina Swanson says

    6'5" and loving life

  26. Kate Carroll says

    I’m 5’9” and love being tall I’m with jazz wishing I was taller.
    My 16 year old girl cousin is 6’3” and she ROCKS it!

  27. TheEnde124 says

    Summary: they're tall

  28. hipeeps1000 says

    Where is Merle's outfit from in the thumbnail/opening segment?!?

  29. Kpie says

    I’m 6’ tall and I wear heels/platforms all the time

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