Tasty Drinks For Your Holiday Party

Tasty Drinks For Your Holiday Party
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  1. Henry Bascombe says

    Too much sugar.


    Lol i am a kid😆😏

  3. I’m a dog lmao says

    But there are little kids at my parties.. do they not get drinks?

  4. Horizon Valley says

    oh they all look really tasty..and the music..it got my head..too good..👍👍

  5. ren says

    hows about just some plain old vodka

  6. Chum Gaming Bum says

    SO C A L M I N G

  7. BungleBonce says

    I bet these drinks taste vile, who comes up with these recipes. They need the sack!!

  8. loststar07 says

    No, still going for the recipes at Tipsy Bartender

  9. Cute Little Rabbit says

    Just put something unusual to make it look tasty, isn't it?

  10. Jazmine Reyna says

    I'm 92,814th!

  11. celeste pittsley says

    Where are the drinks without alcohol. some people are not old enough to drink.and others don't drink

  12. Wesley Nabo says

    For the hot chocolate, can you sub peppermint extract for peppermint schnapps..

  13. Rebecca Kuhlman says

    That eggnog looked absolutely heinous.

  14. optimus prime says

    Tasty drinks for my holiday party? 1)open beer can 2)drink

  15. Nosaima says

    2 shots of vodka is all I need for the holidays

  16. CJ Redd says

    Where can I y'all music ??!!! It's so chill. 💜💜💜💜

  17. Poonam smart kitchen says

    Very nice 👌

  18. Jack Fruth says

    So it was clear these were picked just as recipes that sound good with no attempt to think about the actual season… im not buying raspberries or blackberries in the middle of winter.

  19. TheDark Knight says

    i shoud kil myslf be4 i drik this shit

  20. LordBaneThePlayer says

    Instructuons unclear. Dick stuck in toaster.

  21. LordBaneThePlayer says

    Well, i'm drunk…

  22. Kalina Dartact says

    Those fruits looked tortured

  23. reppenandtearin says

    Should’ve used the big ice block for the old fashioned, but otherwise that looked delicious

  24. karen the potato :v says

    *holoday party

  25. Micael Jiggetts says

    Dope beat

  26. Gabriella Awaitey says

    I have to go to a Christmas 🎄 Party 🎉 🎈 🎊 tomorrow

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