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  1. Blüe Shadøw ッ says

    Our teacher elets us use calculators in our math test whaaa 😮😮😮😂😂

  2. Rachel Golubiewski says

    When someone leaves their device in the science room, our teacher takes pictures of each persons feet and then puts it back and we wait for the person who left it to come back to get it

  3. Kate Raleigh says

    🥺🐶can I get it mom🤢I'm allergic🤮

  4. Corrinne Walton says

    Me: Jumps out window and fails three tests straight

  5. Delia Jacobson says

    Me and my best friend Gloria, after lunch we don’t have any classes together so we are like: “See you in like a million years!” (Aka dismissal) but then at dismissal we are like “Bye! See ya tomorrow lol!” Even though it is a longer period of time.

  6. Adrianna Jackson says

    I would so want that quill in fact I would purposely forget everything to use a quill and feel like I’m at Hogwarts

  7. Courtney Loves Gaming says

    ha jokes on you teacher i wished on a star i would get a puppy two days later my mom payed 200 so she could get a puppy held for her untill it opens it eyes and starts eating puppy food

  8. Animal Lover says

    My teacher has a "Time will pass. Will you?" sign next to the clock.

  9. Spencer Potter says


  10. волк Gang says

    😂😁🤣 Funny stuff!

  11. CaiteePony Gacha says

    You just got Rick Rolled

  12. Molly Martin says

    Know what’s funny, when we looked at the clock that said time will pass, I looked at the time on my phone and it was the same.

  13. Bts jimin love says

    At 1:16 you are 10000% wrong you said 10 1+1=11 duh 🙄

  14. vanilla the bunny says

    At school some kid broke a freaking glass door we had a lock down cause that

  15. Geri Thwaites says

    🅘 🅛🅞🅥🅔 🅨🅞🅤 🅐🅩🅩🅨❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  16. Paige Franke says

    Oh yay also the kid loved it.

  17. Paige Franke says

    The teacher that took the phone and changed the screen savor is literally my dad! These is insane! he also posted the pic on the kids Insta. I can't believe my dad is on youtube!!

  18. Immypiggle Holden says

    1:12 couldn’t you just flip the calculator over so it is squished by the brick? 😆

  19. Scott Elvin says

    👑💄 🏰👏

  20. Dawn Durbin says

    Hahaha the brick & the calculator

  21. Daniela Castaneda says

    Azzy:1+1 ten

    Me:no it’s 11

  22. Mrs Peacherooni says

    My music teacher is worse…she makes my friends who forget their recorders play on recorders which were found in the TOILET or in the dumpster,drains or…worse… ROTTING IN THE COFFEESHOP

  23. Ashley Ain't Epic says

    1 Why is this in beauty tips – Topic?
    2 Why is beauty tips in my recommended?

  24. Fluffy Anime Games says

    If someone gets their phone taken away at my school, the teachers take selfies on it
    Anyone else???😂😂😂

  25. Lisa Bender says

    1 like = cooler teachers

  26. Little Jenna Marbles says

    Azzy I think on the time will pass so will you I think they mean pass the test to

  27. Aerawn Tadas says



  28. SandyHannah, GabiStella says

    Um what do you MEAN Azzy that I can't escape math class! 🙁

  29. gacha galaxy cat says

    5:00 I will show this to all my teachers

  30. Helena Fleming says

    Pause the video at 24 seconds

  31. Pearl Schlie says

    6:46, the teacher is trying to bribe the kids with money.

  32. Nathan Wren says

    Try getting hypnotized

  33. epic sub to both Dream teams says

    Hay shiney you are as big as Azzyland

  34. Leona_ YT Plays says

    5th grade teacher: In 6 grade if you turn in a late assignment it will be a 0.

    6th grade teacher: You turned in a late assignment only a few points will get taken off.

    Like what the heck TEACHERS BE LYING to our faces.

  35. Lily-jean Bartlett says

    I love you and I love as you land and jealousy

  36. Carrie Weston says

    4+4-2+1-3=4 quick math

  37. Brother and Sister Life says

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your outtro

  38. Leila McGrath says

    My teacher says when you look up at the clock time will pass but will you

  39. Little Floof says

    just like your DREEEEEEEEEE

  40. Little Floof says

    * just like your DREEEEEEEEEE*

  41. I just like food ok!?! says

    Azzy a go cart ran over my toe and I was wearing flip flops and I was fine it didn’t even break

  42. Isabel Vaughan says

    My mom dropped a vacuum on her toe and her nail fell off

  43. Riley Marie says

    4:01 my teacher made all the answers c on 2 test

  44. Flammeki Shoklu says

    3:00 my math teacher has that

  45. Scarlett Mosley says


  46. Scarlett Mosley says

    I would KILLthem

  47. Scarlett Mosley says

    if someone stole something and made ME geta ZERO on ANYTHING they would DIE

  48. Jutta Gibson says

    my dog litterraly ate my homework

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