Tesla P100D App v3.0 Review!

Tesla P100D App v3.0 Review!
Tesla’s mobile app got a fresh coat of paint to make car control prettier and faster in v3.0! The Tesla P100D playlist: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. zzsql says

    Nice work man. 9.34M subscribers = win for yOU!

  2. Ariel Emanuel says

    in the app it knows you don't have auto pilot 2 tech

  3. Aravind Nagarajan says

    3:23..oh that's reflecting

  4. 01 says

    Who’s here from yannimize

  5. George Shonia says

    It's interesting how works the app on the windows phone

  6. SnoopCreature17 says

    what for it

  7. OXRGaming says

    Ahhh. The luxury of having one second ads.

  8. Abhik Maji says


  9. Jigar Yadav says

    both platform launch at same time is not rare its react-native

  10. Ben Schippers says

    Hey. Check out Tezlab – awesome app for Tesla community, IOS and Android. Ping me to discuss.Hey. Check out Tezlab

  11. Julian Sowards says

    What about underground garage and leave your key fob at home? I’ve had this happen Tesla needs 4g router in it then it would be fixed.

  12. TechNaiSci says

    Youve changed the rims .why the earlier bigger rims look much better.

  13. Wil Jones says

    what happened to the 21 inch wheels??

  14. Evanbear1 says


  15. _FCjames_ says

    You are a Jake Pauler

  16. GiannisLFC says

    How much this Car??

  17. suraj Räût says


  18. Cláudio Eduardo Vieira says

    You must do another one for the iPhone X.

  19. Juan Paolo Liad says

    Your bluetooth enabled all the time?

  20. Зелёный Зуб says


  21. Angel Loves LT says

    "Oh hey Sam"

  22. F S says

    Sumons the car "gotta trust it will see me"…. Get's killed by his own car because Skynet!

  23. amgad osama says

    Wow wow wow .. I'm watching MKBHD videos since 2015 and i just found out that I'm not a subscriber

  24. Scott McDonald says

    Two questions, was the P100D your first Tesla? Second, what are you using for winter tires?

  25. Jonathan Jung says

    So did they ever tell you why your car was losing power steering so often?

  26. theRealAV8r says

    You could not get me to stand in front of a moving car controlled by software, not given what we all know about an unpredictable little thing called bugs . And especially when said car is capable of mind numbing acceleration.

  27. Damseso 2916 says

    Is Apollo the name of the car or did he give it a name?

  28. Arfi Sulthani Syam says

    Any button in the app to wash itself?

  29. John Marston says

    BBC news be like in the next week: millions of people's tesla got hacked!!

  30. Trifecta says

    You never updated your story about whether or not your model S was permanently repaired or not. You were having issues with the steering before.

  31. Jarmahent says

    I'm gonna download the app even though I don't have a tesla just in case 👌

  32. meat6tick24 says

    Anymore issues with the tesla?

  33. nep nep says

    Cmon! Do an autopilot video already!

  34. Haswanth Thetraingod says

    I can see that he was scared shitless lol. But he kept it cool for YouTube. 😏👈

  35. Cuber says

    When you summon it, does it just go straight forward or back until it is told to stop or sees something. Or does it make adjustments as well, so if you told it to back out of or into a driveway, even if it wasn't perfectly aligned it would still make its way in?

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