TESTING NEW LOOK MAKEUP! HIT OR MISS? • VLOG CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/15jMGl Hey everyone! Welcome back!! Today I’m doing another Testing One …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Roxxsaurus says

    Hey hey everyone!! How was your day today? I hope you guys are enjoying these Testing One Brand Makeup videos! Let me know what brand you want me to test out next! Also don't forget to hang out with me on my daily vlog channel (RoxxsaurusVlogs) ! Posting a new vlog at 6pm see you there! 😚

  2. Jana Lukasova says

    I guess they never miss

  3. josie chapman says

    I love this video and your my 2nd fave youtuber and next time will you do topshop

  4. H 42 says

    red lipstick with this makeup would look HOT!

  5. Itz Sophie says

    Can u do Wilko makeup 😂 idk, I just want to know your opinion on it xox

  6. Eve Rebecca says

    Love your videos too much watching them again

  7. Safiyyah Khan says

    clarins try their makeup

  8. Isabella Deb says

    Test Boots makeup 💄

  9. Ourmila Chuckhoory says

    Try out avon makeup.

  10. Lem's Life says

    Hit lemoni cook

  11. ellie makeup says

    I don't have the eyeliner but I have everything else

  12. AK SNM says

    Please do sleek

  13. Ella says

    Try boots makeup

  14. Katie Grice says

    What about Asda makeup 😁 or primark?!! 🙂

  15. grace says

    Lysm 💖

  16. Jessica leftwich says


  17. Serah Gangte says

    I totally agree with u about the concealed….

  18. Asma Bb says

    Everyone of you who are scrolling down the comments you are amaziing😍🌟 Love the dinosaur family❤️😜

  19. Sefora Munteanu says

    Hey , Roxy! 😘 You are amazing!

  20. Angelique Escobosa says

    this is such an awesome video !!

  21. skinny queen says

    Plz can u do another drugstore v high end

  22. Yasmina Chatah says

    Test golden rose makeup it is super cheap but great nothing is more than 10€

  23. Lakshi Mendis says

    your so beautiful😍

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