Testing Real 5G: Part 2!

Testing Real 5G: Part 2!
An exclusive first test of T-Mobile’s new 600MHz 5G network 5G: Explained https://youtu.be/_CTUs_2hq6Y T-Mobile OnePlus 7T Pro: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. GooogleImages says

    Don’t like the sponsorship…

  2. saarth sharma says

    What was the Doug score?

  3. nepaliman says

    What is point of this all 5g when data package are super expensive. I have monthly allowance of 15 gb .. it won't last more than a day if I want to enjoy all benefit of 5g

  4. boris brian says

    Meanwhile in india, I'm gonna go back from 4g to 3g cuz internet charges are doubled

  5. Sean says

    Quality Doug impression 😂

  6. Gent Z says

    No glasses uu look still weird

  7. Brandon Weemhoff says

    Marques and Doug should do a collab when his Cyber Truck arrives!

  8. Matt Ford says

    Low and mid band "5G"" seem like telco marketing garage, most 4G connections I test are around 70-100Mbit,.

  9. Vikram Singh says

    Dugg damaru lol

  10. Vilkkaa says

    Imagine 5g for online esports tournaments. No latency, no peekers advatage, basically no ping…

  11. Andrej Stoilkov says

    Okay Doug

  12. Raden Arba'in says

    XL Axiata and Telkomsel already to promote 5G in 3030 when the Antichrist (Dajjal) comes.

    Then, Indosat catch up, 100 years later.

  13. Heiker boi says

    Gay-ass brownie

  14. Elmar Hoenig says

    More interesting would have been the delay difference in comparison to 4g.

  15. Ed ash says

    abit of a fool here.. Suggest you go out and get an SDR, radio that connects to your computer.. OR… there is a device to connect to the PC to do Cell service. And the company can give you one.. USE OUR OWN SOFTWARE…because 1ghz 5g??? isnt possible.

  16. Luka Galactica says

    Uh ok cool race to 5G cool oh 5G network EPIC 1PLUS WHAT OMG THAT IS AWESOME LEGENDERY

  17. Luka Galactica says

    Uh what know

  18. Sebastiano Agnello says

    In live in Italy. For 8 € a month I get 184mpbs up and 58,5 mpbs down in 4g. 50gb per month. Unlimited SMS and calls.

  19. ashish a says

    i have nothing to do with 5G.. my country wont hv 5G for atleast next 5 years.. yet i am watching this video.. lol..

  20. You Know Me says

    Basically stable 4G speeds in numerous area where normal LTE (4G) does not work great. How about you try to explain regarding standalone and non standalone 5G modem in Smartphone side of hardware.

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