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  1. Robert P says

    people watch someone who looks like a damn clown from Cirque du Soleil?

  2. Krizzia Hernandez says

    I love that shock machine… hahahaa, when i was in therapy they used to used that to my legss and i hate it but after months it activated my nerves and wake up my sleeping nerves and muscles. That device save me from paralyzed for many months to i can walk now. I will buy hahaha

  3. Princesa Caroço says

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  4. Ninako Shizuka says

    With me the hair epilation sponge didn't work at all – all it does was getting my skin rough and itchy – it's not working at all for me – felt like an allergy after I used it – so it's not a good product for me – kinda is a fail for me

  5. Mike Hoeta says

    And basicly

  6. Mike Hoeta says

    Stop saying literally

  7. Ivoni Lima says

    " YFVKKQT "

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  8. waves xo says

    Tips water on arm in weird way "omg water is everywhere"
    Cuts strawberry over the carpet without a plate "omg strawberry jucie is going everywhere"
    Well yes hun!

  9. Nije lako biti ja says

    How old are you? And do you can (know) speak Serbian language? I am from Serbia.

  10. Dihn 3oood says

    love your top where did you get it?

  11. esnezinu says

    You should try shoes from aliexpres like nike, adidas, vans, converse or others.
    I really want to order some shoes but im scared.

  12. Jassie K says

    I guess I'm the only one laughing at the way she's saying strawberry 😂

  13. Tracy L says

    We are planning a drinking game for every time you say “literally” 😉 love ya!

  14. CryptoDollars says

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  15. VIRONICA Sinha says

    I have never removed my arm hair as well roxi — samepinch

  16. Hannah 06x says

    I use the “flawless leg shaver” and it is such a lifesaver! Really easy to use and amazing results, started using it when I was 12 because I was really insecure and didn’t feel comfortable using a proper razor. I am now 14 and use it every week for my legs and every other week for my arm hair – having hairy arms is okay! Just personally it helped boost my self confidence, I never used to take my blazer off for school even in hot weather because I was scared people would make comments so it just worked for me. Would definitely recommend (comes with a special charger which you just plug in) and it’s completely painless, hope this is of some use x

  17. Kimberly Gayle says

    AA974GGPFM my wise code

  18. Kimmy Princess says

    vdstywb promocode for first time shoppers

  19. Mog-Gyver O'Neill says

    Strawberry got revenge!! 😁

  20. mirella lisbeth says

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  21. Lauren Gas says

    Is it not basically rubbing your arms with sandpaper

  22. Brenda Davis says

    Sponge sounds like a magic eraser.

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