Thank god 2019 is DONE.

Thank god 2019 is DONE.
Hi guys! Merry Xmas !!! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Christmas.Today I just want to make a funny video skits talking about how 2019 went down,It’s …

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  1. en kt says


  2. A K says

    I love this video honestly

  3. louiza tama says

    I hope you will have a wonderful new year 💕

  4. Lauren R says

    Why is this me?!? Lol… but really, this is exactly me down to the health problems. This vid wasn’t what I was expecting. So funny, loved it. Love you 💕

  5. ゚お豆 says

    I missed you 🥺🥺❤❤

  6. Kristiina Kimm says

    Happy new year, precious Sichen. Safe travels! 💛

  7. Rachael Escober says

    I didn’t accomplish anything this year due to bad health! I am managing it now, but it was an adventure.

  8. Bea Requiero says

    Uwaaaahhh I love youuuuu

  9. Nousheen Zahid says

    Love the video i have not done big things this year and i was sad after watching your video feeling good. My lots of good wishes for u for 2020 may god give u lots of happiness success.

  10. Fransisca Devita says

    You achieved a lot in 2019! You went through difficult times but you persevered and even shared a piece of your life to us all though you didn’t have to. Thank you for being a part of my 2019. Best wishes for you and everybody.. 🥰🥰

  11. kyeoptawerk93 says

    i loved this! it was so cute and hilarious. i don't care that you were inconsistent you have always put out such great, high quality videos and this one was peak. thank you for always uploading beautiful looks in calming, aesthetic filmography. for real for real thank god 2019 is done. it was rough but i will say 2019 finally let me gain most of my weight back that i lost due to birth control that kind of wrecked me!

  12. pls counsel me says

    Thank you for being an awesome creator! I hope you stay happy and healthy throughout 2020 and the years to come!!!

  13. Dylan Seah says

    Well…for me, 2019 isn’t the only year I didn’t achieve anything🤔

  14. Deadly Robot says


  15. Pencilfriend Paperscribbler says

    Support!! Same here, poor health means the day's achievement can be: cooking something healthy, OR cleaning up after last cooking episode OR taking a shower and going out to buy more food, OR eating badly, not cleaning anything, not getting dressed, but making a small drawing. My life used to be full of AND now there is only OR. Turns out you need a lot of ANDs to participate in life with other people. Subsisting on ORs is more than a little isolating. Keep going!! There’s clearly more than a few of us living this life.💕💕💕

  16. coycat says

    currently ending 2019 with a painful breakup. needless to say, good riddens 2019 and i look forward to healing and learning to appreciate my new single status in 2020 😢✌

  17. Salma Fatima says

    OMG…..sichen finally back after 2 months. Thank you for uploading before the year ending. I really missed your videos. I wish you have great health and be happy in 2020. Let's hope it brings much love and happiness to everyone. Love you 💖💖

  18. Helene Z says

    2019 was hell of a mess((( I even ended up in hospital a week ago, like wtf???🥵

  19. 奇乐七Kio says

    Hi sichen, it’s so good to see you again thank you for the video and warm blessings. 🥰I hope from my heart your health conditions are getting better and having a loving relationship with your love ones💛
    I have always loved your videos and I do go back and watch your makeup videos often(as they are always so amazing) .but in this video that I feel like I got to know you like a person/friend,and the first time I saw this side of you. Don’t get me wrong , I love all sides of you and your informative,beautiful, high quality,soothing , out of the world videos have helped and inspired me go through hard times and get into makeup, I’m just happy to find out more sides of you and about you.🥰
    I truly appreciate all your work and from the deepest of my heart I wish you to be always happy with your loved ones, always have the bravery to stand up again after facing hardships,and live the your life your way pridefully. I’ll always wish the best to you.❤️
    I find my self writing super long comments to you since the day I first saw your video, I hope you don’t mind because this is one of the only way to deliver to you. I do hope I get to know you personally someday .☺️
    Happy 2020 sichen^-^ , love you 🎉

  20. Shobe De Ocampo says

    I love this vid!!! Altho, i did achieved a lot this year, but still I'm fuckingshshdbdh sadddd and depressed.. Here's to hoping that 2020 is gonna be better especially for my mental health.. Thank you sichen for this vid!!! You'll always be my favorite beauty guru (or beauty vlogger? I dunno lolz).. God Bless and Happy New Year!!! 💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗✨✨✨😘😘😘

  21. aviana emerson says

    Plz share your workout routine & how to stick with new year resolution ILY😍😀😃

  22. aviana emerson says

    Yes it was a disgusting one I hope 2020 will b a bomb year for everyone

  23. 辛明雨 says


  24. Haters Suck my dick says

    Best year ever I broke my leg 😭😭😭

  25. beaumiffle says

    thank you for ur blessings!! i wish all the best for you sichen <3 LOTS OF GOODLUCK FOR 2020!!

  26. Sana says

    A beauty guru who is real, humble and sweet. Not too many of those

  27. rachel!! says

    this video is adorable!! and I’m glad you’re feeling better 🙂

  28. Angeless says

    So happy to see you before the next year! (Help me book's mopent was the best xd) happy holidays if you have some xd

  29. msgigiyu says

    I failed many of my goals this year…🥺 Awwww I don’t think I achieved anything in 2019…🤦🏻‍♀️ Feels like I wasted a lot of time…(Oh No!)😣 I hope in 2020 I can be a better me and fulfill more goals!💪🏻🔥 Sichen, wish we both have a great successful year and good health in 2020!🥰 Happy New Year~🎉

  30. Hang Nguyen says

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ have a healthy 2020 and beyond love

  31. Su Chan says

    Sichen i wish u will recover ur health, no more sickness! Be happy and healthy! Love you so much, really love of u being so sweet! Well have a happy happy new year! And oh I didn’t even achieve anything in this year too lol 😂

  32. Jajajaja Pre says

    Title is me af. Out of all my 20 years of living, 2019 was by far the worst. I’ve never cried as much as I did other years as I did in 2019. 😒

  33. Nex Sicarius says

    I loved the ironic spelling mistakes in the to-do list; just makes it that much more perfect!

  34. Janalika Lyngshiang says

    Finally!!! You're always my favorite ❤ 😘

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