That Time I Really Hurt My Vagina • Waterskiing

That Time I Really Hurt My Vagina • Waterskiing
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  1. Gaudium Felidae says

    So she kept the water inside her for half a day?
    Why not push it out right there and then?

  2. rhonda howard says

    I got one too. I once jumped on a beanbag while I was completely naked, waiting on my bathwater to be filled, and I landed in just the right spot to tear my vagina open. I think I was like six or seven at the time. There was blood everywhere.

    My parents took me to the emergency room after putting a gown on me and a social worker got involved. LOL.

  3. Keep America Great says

    How’s she not dead?

  4. 1:15 "I have literally just been raped by lake water in both holes"
    The same girl hit her Girl area like 3 times she was in the biking and monkey bars as well she must have a LOT of pain

  5. Allison Goller says

    I was raped by lake water😂

  6. Sophie Lehn says

    One time I was going water skiing, I fell and my bathing suit went right up my butt
    It hurt so bad

  7. Happy Emmy says

    What’s her Instagram

  8. Erin K says

    This is like an extreme version of jumping of the high dive with your legs spread. I did that once when I was like 9 and it felt like my vagina had just been brutally slapped many times.

  9. JSK says

    I was playing football and I was in goals. This girl comes one on one with me and I ran out to her like a goalkeeper so making myself as big as possible, legs and arms a little more than shoulder width apart. I ran to her and she smashed it right at me, and yeah it hit me between the legs. I just fell to the ground and grabbed the ball trying to waist time to recover and I tried to hide it because it was very embarrassing and yeah I could hardly walk. ( I’m a girl if your wondering )

  10. Shadow Storm says

    I went down one of the water slides at valley fair–it was straight down. As I went down my legs came apart a little and all the water of going down a wall shot up between my legs. I waddled over to the bathroom and tried to push all the water out and dig out my swimsuit. Dude. There was blood. I went home after that.

  11. MADSSY Productions says

    This girls vagina has been through so much pain down there. She's been in three of these videos

  12. Erin Seymour says

    Why does this girl keep hurting herself so bad in the same place. She was in the monkey bars video and the biking video too

  13. Rachel Stoner says

    realizes that there's another 'I Really Hurt My Vagina' video that I haven't seen yet


  14. Veronica Victorious says

    In both holes 😂😂😂

  15. pennyx xcollection says

    "I just got raped by lake water"

  16. Kpop Trash Can says

    The red hat girl destroyed her vaginas by now

  17. Babybrowneyes93 says

    My God this made me cross my legs. This sounds so extraordinarily painful….

  18. Anonymous says

    "I had literally just been raped by *lake water.*"
    I mean,
    Pretty much, yeah.

  19. Tatz Roberts says

    Raped by lake water😂

  20. -Simplynailogical- says

    She lost her virginity to moving water😂

  21. 1 800 SafeAuto says

    Why she keep hurtin her coochie

  22. Ah-MMa-Rah says

    Her vagina is at worst my god she's been on a lot of these

  23. clappedperson says

    You should've made the title "raped by lake water"
    Much more views

  24. Alicia Patton says

    Her lady parts shod be took away

  25. Ella Wicke says

    Dang her parts and her dog bite ahhh

  26. Muhammed Akbar says


  27. Snodge Kat says

    Taylor again?!? Poor girl!

  28. Iris Lahtinen says

    Oh Taylor, Taylor, Taylor how do still have a vagina?

  29. Aryana Loves pugs 21 says

    The girls with the beanie had hit her vag sooooo many times

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