The 108-Megapixel Smartphone Camera?!

The 108-Megapixel Smartphone Camera?!
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a legit 108-megapixel camera. Time to take a closer look. Get 70% off NordVPN! $3.49/mo, plus 4 additional months FREE at: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Marques Brownlee says

    Had to check out the smartphone with a 108-megapixel camera for myself What do you think?
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  2. Czech Boy says

    Xiaomi just add snap 855 dumbasses, dogshit company

  3. Stelios Mouratidis says

    This Dolly Zoom effect in the beginning is amazing!

  4. Chipasha Mukuma says

    Road to 10 Million 😁😁😁

  5. Mangesh Parmar says

    Is there any practical use of that 108MP camera??????

  6. fallingpizza11 says

    3:18 That's one hella sneaky merch plug

  7. Oswaldo Flores says

    Where can i buy It??

  8. dzvfyc says

    Are you going to review Huawei Nova 5t?

  9. Jon Hazell says

    nobody needs 108mp in a phone, all those pixels crammed into a tiny sensor is stupid. It's just marketing… If anyone was serious about taking pictures, they'd buy a standalone camera

  10. Josh Daoutlaw says

    Go to my channel i need views

  11. Peter Academia says

    I see Linus has been teaching you the ways of in-video merch shilling.

  12. Vishal Mangla says

    u are shilling NordVPN . bad .. really BAD.

  13. kaSh says

    you don't take a 108MP pic to normalise it.. you take it to use it raw.

  14. lalmuanpuia sailo says

    Can't wait till Samsung uses it in the S11(coz it's Samsung's sensor and this is how they test it, by letting other brands use it). This is a smart camera…basically😅

  15. Anonymous says

    Have you have a hands-on the mi mix Alfa

  16. GutsRage says

    I imagine 2020 a back of a phone FILLED with freaking cameras lenses and our phone's covers filled with holes to fit 'm in hahahaha

    Also I would love to know a drop test to these filled with camera lenses phones… how much of a beating can they take until they start falling a part. (regardless of knowing that in factory they do these type of testes)

  17. Herendra Kurniawan says

    How about GCAM

  18. AlexC says

    Did you just pull a Linus there buddy ? 3:20

  19. Lovedeep Bhagat says

    Nowadays we ask for a Phone with good camera.
    In future we will ask for a camera with good Phone .

  20. paulson thomas says

    the march plug was legit 🤣

  21. Lorenzo Paderi says

    0:11 insane

  22. Saitama A-Hero-for-fun says

    Nah bruh I'm cool with my S10e

  23. StackeR says

    why the starting music so loud u trying to kill me?

  24. saurabh muneshwar says

    Reality is nobody zoom the picture
    And reality is Xiaomi is just advertisings and reality is Apple's nailed camera

  25. Ranen Jay Salikram says

    It’s not about how big it but how it’s used

  26. Yanthungbemo Ezong says

    0:34 I was like "aaahh he's gonna say it. He's gonna say it!! He's gonna say Nokia 808".

  27. Rahul says

    Most of the reviewers I have found are some way biased in favour of Samsung phones especially in the camera department. The samsung images/image processing are so "shitty" (lack of better word) and I so wished they had improved it even mid range xiaomi fones are far better.. but when I look at reviews..I find very toned down views

  28. Christian Ogwuniru says

    What's that at 8:44

  29. Tarun says


  30. ciaconne says

    they do have a premier edition with better lens design, which supposedly takes full advantage of the sensor and presumably resolves that corner softness issue inherent on mostly all phone cameras. also the sensor is from samsung, so it maybe a preview of things to come on the galaxy series.

    also xiaomi's camera software has its work cut out for it. thankfully they do support open development with unlock-able bootloader. With a google camera software port, xiaomi's typically excellent camera hardware for 2019+ really shines above its class. But that's another story.

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