The 11 Most Important Muppet Facts

The 11 Most Important Muppet Facts
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  1. BayBVGo 2.0 says

    0:37 None of those names are nearly as good as another original title… HEY STUPID!

  2. JayKJester says

    0:09 it's actually monster and puppet maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong.

  3. Safari For Fun of Soul says

    you got your wish jim

  4. Jes Lightning says

    I adore the Muppets!! <3 Of course I already knew all these facts, but the episode you're referring to was not called Sex and Violence. It was Sax and Violence.

  5. Jacob Yonda says

    I keep reading "Kermit" as "Hermit".

  6. Falcodlm says

    People at school make fun of me by calling me Kermit. (I wore a Kermit the frog graphic tee and its sad that, that is what they think will make me mad.)

  7. Erin Sierra says

    Lol I already knew half of these

  8. DreamingTooHigh says

    Mucking Fuppets. lol I literally read it wrong

  9. UltamatesuperSaiyan says

    i guess his dream was unfulfilled. god rest Mr.Henson's soul.

  10. Oldfielddesciple says

    It's nice to know Jim Henson got his wish.  The worls IS a much better place from having the Muppets here.

  11. Mantra says

    mucking fuppets turn the m to f and the f to m. -_- srs fucking muppets

  12. Haley Marie says

    I seriously have a huge fear of the muppets. I'm not going to watch this…

  13. lurch321 says

    Another fact:  the character of Animal the drummer was inspired by Keith Moon.

  14. Horia Scarlat says

    mucking fuppets lol

  15. C B-S says

    if you say what are you to my friends little brother he would say constipated 

  16. Sam says

    Weird, Sex and Violence is a name of one of the Monty Python's: Flying Circus Episodes.

  17. Anabel Canas says

    I knew most of these facts! What about the fact that Kermit wasn't the first Muppet Celebrity. It was Rowlf the Dog that in an actual TV show that was a stat first. He starred in the Jimmy Dean Show.

  18. LegoMelonz15 says


  19. youShouldntWorryAboutIt says

    Oscar the grouch is a nugget of weed face it…

  20. Mauricio Alvarado says

    To freaking fast

  21. Torrie Garvin says

    Frank Oz (Fozzie, Ms. Piggy, Sam Eagle, Animal) ended up being the puppeteer who portrayed Yoda. You can tell because he uses the same voice for both him and Grover from Sesame Street.

  22. TonyMontana Rosh says

    Also the 2 states to legalize marijuana in the same year.

  23. WavyDeJ says

    Another fact ……muppets never blink

  24. Knight Gale says

    Any one else think this is crepy

  25. michaelparadiso96 says

    Frank Oz(Fozzie, Grover, Ms. Piggy, and Animal, also Jim Henson's right had man) was the one who played Yoda.

  26. Minecraft12212005 says

    Wow. I was wearing muppet shirt when watching this

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