The 2019 iPhone X Models!

The 2019 iPhone X Models!
iPhone 9? iPhone X Plus? iPhone Xs? iPhone 11? iPhone 2019? The new iPhone? We don’t know the name… but we know what it’ll look like! MKBHD Merch: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Hot pepper says

    Before I. Start looking around and watching the vid which iPhone is the newest model

  2. Espérance says

    who came here after the drop, to see if he was right 😅
    MKBHD the real source!

  3. Ojamanhor Cornel says

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  4. Malik Nielsen says

    😅IPhone is a joke 😂 and price 😂 🐖🐖🐖🐷🐷💩😅😂🐖🐷

  5. Amritpal Singh says

    iPhone jinda baad

  6. Joel Tovar says

    It’s crazy how accurate these were…We are definitely getting the box camera design.

  7. Milos Reljic says

    I can just buy iPhone X in 2019 because even iPhones in 2019 look the same as the X.

  8. Malik Touqeer Salam says

    You should gift it me because you have many more 😛

  9. Unpopular Opinion says

    apple still won't deliver…

  10. Sajan Laskar says


  11. kandeel mohammad says

    ILike iphone X

  12. Abid Khan says

    Company name please

  13. Cael issacar Barcelona says

    Pretty accurate 👌

  14. Hi How Are You says

    IPhone iPhone iPhone!!!! I love I phones

  15. Tyler Durden says

    It’s like buying a sports car they can only go so fast from light to light everything else is just bullshit

  16. Patricia Bliven says

    You nailed it before they were released. That was a really good job. Especially after reading everything out. I just can't bring mysef to pay more than a grand for a phone so it would be the lite, Xr for me. Besides, I want the red one lol. Questions I have for owners, is the dual camera in the back really worth the extra money and what are bezels? Does this mean there won't be great cases that fit the Xr perfectly? Thats super important to me.

  17. Narayan GC says

    But i hav the iphone x with grey colour
    Is this duplicate one

  18. I P H O N E X F R E E . PW

  19. M says

    Only difference is the size, camera shape, and color. Nothing innovative lmao

  20. Saibal Ghosh says

    Where do u get this

  21. Water Peanut says

    It will cost 1999.99 starting

  22. batman123456790 says

    Are you sure this isn’t 2018?

  23. Luke Grimm says

    He literally predicted everything g

  24. silas lerch says

    Launched in 2018 not 2019

  25. silas lerch says

    Dude you’re so outdated names 10s 10s max 10r

  26. otso says

    your pc dont run Fartnite biaa

  27. n0nting _ says

    i have an iphone x max:)

  28. Jazzy’s Wrld says

    I have the XR

  29. ramblinero9 says

    Man…This Android Animoji iClone Design is SOOOO ugly! No wonder sales suck for these phones!!!
    Why would I pay over $1000 for a high end Apple phone, only to be asked time and time again, by both clients and friends, “ummm…is that a Samsung or an iPhone?”!!!
    Not only is the design horrible, but the functionality is SHAMBOLIC at best! $1000+ and the Apple gets to DONGLE you?!!!!
    Hopefully, however, the idiot at Apple who thought of this Animoji iClone gets fired, and Apple pivots back to the iconic classy square slab design, but with modern sizes. Maybe offer it as the iPhone Pro. Put back some practical functionality in an iPhone where the motto was “Simple, it just works!”
    Some welcome changes would be:
    1) bring back the iconic Apple square slab design (like they have w/the new iPad Pros).
    2) Bring back the 3.5mm jack to avoid getting “Dongled”! Or…If the 3.5mm jack was taken away, why not replace it with dual lightning ports? One for charging one for headphones. This is crucial for both business road warriors, like myself, and Audiophiles alike. Not to mention, giving a nod to Classic Apple iPod Classic and Touch.
    3) Dual PHYSICAL sims. For $1000 bux, I’d like the convenience to have a number for business, and one for personal or travel.
    4) with the Classic Slab form factor, that’d give more room for a bigger longer lasting battery!
    5) Bring back TouchID. I know a lot of Apple iSheep are the selfie “Instagram moment” types, but I personally think it’s stupid to seem like your taking a selfie just to access your phone. Especially when you’re driving or at a business meeting!!! FaceID is a nice complimentary security function, best used as a secondary form of authentication for added security. TouchID, however, is more practical.
    There! Those 5 things would literally bring back the lines to an iPhone premier, especially with the beautiful classy square slab design. At least with that design, you know it’s an Apple iPhone…not an Animoji iClone.

  30. Cotton Kia says

    I still have the iPhone 6 😁 and it works great! 👍🏾

  31. Tejas Paithankar says

    To be honest i'm sticking with my current iphone x because there's no point upgrading every year.. better put it in the bank and be saving more money than spending it every year with apple.. smh**

  32. Siham Ashour says

    Hey guys , I need an advice , should I buy iphone X max , or waiting the next iphone in 2019 ? iPhone X Max is too expensive , so I'm afraid the next iPhone be more better than nowadays ? What do you think should I do ??

  33. Anonymous says


  34. Myo Thrua says


  35. Unknow Prs says

    can u give me one 🙂

  36. anonymous says

    So the 6,5 inch upcoming iPhone is just the iPhone Xs Max but then worse?

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