The Banned Huawei Mate 30 Pro: Best Phone You Shouldn't Buy!

The Banned Huawei Mate 30 Pro: Best Phone You Shouldn't Buy!
The Mate 30 Pro is the best phone I’d never recommend. The Huawei Ban Explained: Installing Google services on Mate 30 …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Vitaminas Anabolscikas says

    Rooting wouldn't help?

  2. Rahil Joshi says

    me: looks at my iphone 3g

  3. Mounir Nessah says

    What is that sound in the background

  4. Charlie Johnson says

    Nobody talking about the sick new intro???

  5. Simone Boselli says

    Bruh that's a really sick intro

  6. Tim says

    is Marques Brownlee american, i can't tell, he sounds maybe british to me.

  7. Obi Dark says

    Google can't spy on you that sux

  8. Rahil Joshi says

    i love the clarity of your videos, crisp footage

  9. AGNOSTIC - says

    Huawei sucks. 👎
    Communist China sucks.👎

  10. Divakaran * says

    U forgot the ultra SLO mo

  11. zakaria elachham says

    i hope things get solved with huawei this year

  12. Niki says

    Of course, TikTok is available 😂

  13. Your average Guy says

    When mkbhd said this is glass and glass breaks
    Elon musk felt that

  14. Naught Guile says

    USA can no longer compete so banning is their solution.

  15. Marko Salevic says

    Justice for Huavei. Huavei is the best! Akku … Laden … Design … Kameras …

  16. XeeLog says

    "The screen responsiveness… is software" laugh on the Essential Phone

  17. HM Studio says

    Its new intro for 10m sub??

  18. Zadeel dotcom says

    Huawei hardware is used in china to ddos websites in the west.

  19. Paco says

    I support Huawei and that they are real competition to Apple,BUT I would not buy P30 or any other flagship from them…Because if things escalation and it loses support because stupid politics you just wasted your money

  20. furkan haider says

    Snapdragon 855+ antutu score 450000
    Kirin 990 antutu score 520000
    Mkbhd really?

  21. Silentsky says

    Stop excusing the absence of the headphone jack with "it's modern therefore it is OK" it is not OK. And how in the world a bad volume rocker is a nitpick? How could an excellent phone fail at the most basic of features?

  22. Ben Whitaker says

    Me and my buttery hands could never own a phone that I couldn’t put a case on. All falloff edge displays have this issue 😢

  23. Alexander Jerove says

    I thought that I set the speed on 125% but I didn't! please don't speed your videos or they look unnatural and irritating.

  24. michal dabrowski says

    Yes you should to dont have any shit from Google.

  25. Ryan Lio says

    Possible one day when the trade war ends, Google play will be avail on the phone. 😉

  26. djfoo000 says

    You keep saying software is holding it back, yet the only thing you can demonstrably show is the apps situation. Just be specific and say the lack of apps is holding it back, instead of this boogieman "software".

  27. dragondescendant1 says

    I bought one, best phone I ever had. Huawei is the only brand I will buy.

  28. Dibs1978 says

    I find it a bit ironic that the US spying on allies is NOT a rumour, but something that was backed up with evidence and even prompted a response by the US government. Yet we all seem to have forgotten that.

    Huawei spying on the US though, is an accusation that has never been backed up by any evidence, even though Huawei has openly requested the evidence. Yet somehow we all remember them, and think they the bad guy. Anyone who does not see this as just an economic policy based on the public evidence at hand, is naive, or to busy chanting “USA” to think straight.

  29. Jesus Christ says

    Make a vid about Samsung UI2 and android 10

  30. Sankt Klahr says

    Our boy is getting buffed 💪🏾

  31. Dusan Jovanovic says

    Love new picture of chanel

  32. Eluminary Xarrais says

    I'm still using the mate 10 pro in the United States, I was considering buying this phone before the whole no Google services thing…

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