The Best Gooey Salted Caramel Brownies

The Best Gooey Salted Caramel Brownies

Source Tasty
  1. Lubna Beary says

    OKAY! I'm actually going to try this recipe out and I will update!!

  2. Umm Zaan says

    Omg I love it

  3. Eisdax says

    Would love to give two likes. One for the recipe and the other for the Triforce.

  4. Pixel Wolf says

    Man I can't wait to make these

  5. Jordyn Mayo says

    What size pan do I use

  6. Sømetimes I Hear Silence says

    I’ve made this recipe 2 times and these brownies were so good. I would recommend you flattening the caramels so you would use less caramel, it might take some work but hey you won’t get diabetes (maybe).

  7. Batuhan Batuhan says

    Yes indeed

  8. Born Again Hippie says

    Drool factor 100% 🤤

  9. AMA 23 says

    Wow where u get the candies from

  10. GachaPastell says

    This is genius

  11. A brace-face’s nightmare…

  12. Yvette Austin says

    For anyone wanting to make this, just make the top of it or the middle. Both of them is way too much.

  13. LadyNoir Country says

    Why am I watching this I hate caramel

  14. Breakfast Recipes says


  15. It looks too good to be true…

  16. Nikki B says


  17. Milesia Rodriguez says

    Omgoodness this is heavenly whoop whoop 🤗

  18. M00nC4t says

    diabetes has joined the chat

  19. Lenuta Coman says


  20. Žana Berić says

    This is what diabetes looks like.

  21. Abhishek Biswas says

    looks more like caramel goo than that if brownies..

  22. Debra Frey says

    Looked thick on Carmel on first layer,
    Try cutting the Carmel bite size in half then put on brownie to
    Be cooked, then proceed to Carmel topping!

  23. Lauren Rose Kelso says

    I tried this recipe, and although it was crumbly and cracked a lot, my whole family fell in love with this video recipe. Thank you for making this! I would like an actual online recipe, though. I would give this 4.5 star just because the crumbling, but the taste was terrific!

  24. Miss Dashti says


  25. Marisol Reyes says

    OMG……. Want some……

  26. collarmole says


  27. John Abelardo says

    I love the way you have metric conversions on your website.
    Thank you very much!
    Can't wait to try this recipe.

  28. Daniel Fernández Pedraza says

    This is really disgusting. Look at all that amount of sugar 🤮

  29. Škÿ Gämër says

    This was by far a waste of money in Carmel.
    1. The Carmel’s in the middle didn’t even melt. They remained in cube form. And yes I cooked exactly to the recipe timing.
    2. It was so hard to cut into and even harder to eat bc Carmel’s remained in tacked.
    3. The center brownie batter did not cook all the way through and bc there’s Carmel’s in middle no real way to check if done.

    I will say that the actual brownie part was good soft cooked up nice around edges next time I will use this brownie recipe omitting the Carmel’s center or melt down before hand like you do for top.

    Lastly I am so sick of tasty not telling people the proper cook time, like why lie about do you think it’s going to deter us away from making it?? This is probably the 6th recipe I’ve made by them that I actually had to keep cooking passed what they say and I don’t mean by a little bit.

    Tasty false advertising!

  30. Raffaella Trasi says

    nasty tasty

  31. Anna says

    I just had an mouth orgasm 😋

  32. Mary Bachmayer says

    😮 ME NEED!! ❤️🍫

  33. NightcoreAddiction says

    I checked the comments of this very video in FaceBook and everyone is complaining about the amount of caramel, compared to here where everyone is enjoying it. Haha

  34. Qmanklozmo says

    has anyone found the same exact version of this song? thank you!

  35. AleLP says

    Nice Zelda tattoo 😊

  36. Kevin Shannon says

    lachlans recipe is better

  37. Avidcomp says

    Shazam couldn't find your track. What is it (pretty please) ?

  38. idk whatsmyname says

    i gained 20 pounds just by watching this video

  39. Marco Agostino says

    Mmmm not quite amused by the candies…

  40. Soccer Gal says

    Getting ready for track season (so no junk food) so I’ve been finding myself on this channel a lot lately

  41. maeshia gee says

    Can I just melt down the caramel

  42. Daniel Kelly says

    What's the song?

  43. n a m j o o n says

    this song is the most beautiful classical piece ive ever heard

  44. 1tutoo says

    Omg…. cavitiess………..

  45. Lucia Ibarra says

    Looks like I'm gonna have a diabetic coma

  46. Tofu Jones says


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