THE BEST HIGHLIGHTERS!!! Drugstore & High End

THE BEST HIGHLIGHTERS!!! Drugstore & High End
WORLD’S MOST BLINDING HIGHLIGHTERS! • VLOG CHANNEL: Hey everyone! In today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys my top …

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  1. sienna chirstine le says

    i don’t recommend the ELF moonlight pearls, it only shows up if you use A LOT. :/

  2. Amanda Bailey says

    I'm watching all your videos…some I have to turn up my volume others blow my ears out and have to turn down…your audio sounds change a lot.

  3. Love Child says

    Omg, . . Highlighter, highlighter, highlighter…. urgh! 👿😼🙀🤬🤯🤔🤫🤭🙄😮😵🤐🤐🤐🙄Lol I am bugging out. Tehe 😁😆🤣😊👌🏽🤫😝

  4. MsGreczi says

    Omg your accent is soooo beautiful 😍 Pozdrawiam 💞

  5. Mimi Meyers says

    Love Sleeks pakage. That gold pakaged looks so high end.

  6. Abi Gemini says

    Great video thanks so much

  7. Ima Go Apesht says

    The Bobbi Brown highlighter is phenomenal as well.

  8. daisukiお肉 says

    Really in loved on your eyessss❤😂😂😭

  9. Anna F says

    That wing liner looks so bad, sorry but it’s true

  10. mariana hakim says

    I expected to see an ofra highlighter in this vid😭😂

  11. Steph Edwards says

    What shade is the revolution baked highlighter?! Xx

  12. HypeChef says

    Very cool n pretty

  13. Theee Bailey Boo says

    My favorite highlighter pallete I use by far is the lorac pirates of the carribean cheek pallete

  14. fatima itsumi says

    whats the color of the makeup revolution highlighter

  15. fatima itsumi says

    where are the names of the highlighters?

  16. Orange12 says

    What lip product are you using?

  17. Dj rocha says

    What was the brand with the "R"?

  18. c says

    What Anastasia kit is it!!

  19. Brie Ivoryhart says

    the only highlighter that i have is from forever 21.

  20. Ella says

    U nailed the thumbnail. Nailed

  21. Loor Karantinagi says

    Can someone recommend to me a good highliter brush ?

  22. Real.victoria18 says

    I have the Anastasia glow kit

  23. Madison Flower says

    This highlighters are blinding

  24. Lissjeex dols says

    I wish you tried out essence but its not that blinding but its really nice for the price tag… just like their the rest of their products 😀

  25. Never higs says

    missing comparsion and swatches

  26. Liv says

    Really want to win giveaway. I follow you on sm. Insta: Livmarie_23 Twitter: Livmarie22. hope to win!!!!

  27. Lolly Mac says

    Your so pretty 😭😭😭

  28. ryeese forthewin says

    B L I N D I N G!! btw ur eyeliner iz bomb!! 💞

  29. Martyna Siwiak says

    Blind the robber 😂😂😂😂😭

  30. Jocelyn Eyre says

    I need highlight

  31. watchcloudspassmeby says

    You're so adorable and charismatic! Thank you for the great tips!

  32. Brooke Keith says

    I need all of these!!!

  33. infires man yeah says

    Oh roxi, I love you

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