The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!

The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!
16 smartphones. You chose a winner. This is what you picked! The original votes thread: MKBHD …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Great test! Some interesting will be making a separate link to page where will be same photo blind test with originals! And where you can make test multiple times ))

  2. Mr Sammotube says

    I think you just illustrated the pros and cons of public voting – uninformed gut-reaction over knowledge. This is useful for knowing what will sell better, but not what is best for the industry.

  3. Siki's says

    Let's not be gentle for once. People are morons

  4. I_THE_ME says

    3:29 Pixel 3a is so oversaturated even a blind person could colour correct that photo.

  5. Evo906 says


  6. Dale Amodia says

    Retrotech: PlayStation

  7. Maulindu Mishra says

    Okay that's what I really wanted…

  8. Mukesh Sharma says

    Don't hit read more

    You have twenty years of good luck

  9. Krish says

    shoutout to all those apple fanbois who are watching this on a phone they paid 1000 dollars for … to lose.

  10. Patrykratajczak says

    Stop arse licking the crappy Pixel

  11. Vino sitas says

    Wow iPhone really missed to mark there. Even though one plus cameras are normally subpar, that photo was clearly better, buuttt.. the pixel should've won in my opinion in terms of better photos. Samsung should be second place.

  12. Aayush Gupta says

    What happened to his eye???? It's red

  13. Coco K says

    "It's brighter so it's better" – the people.

  14. Orang3 Monkey says

    If all people want are blurry backgrounds just buy a $50 phone, you'll get the same effect (the it's all about me effect). When I take pictures I want as much detail as I can cram on my pic. SO if I take a picture of me standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, I want the tower to be there (not some blurry tower). Then again that's just me, people nowadays just want their faces on their pics (never mind the beautiful surroundings around them).

  15. Faiz Faris says

    I think next time u need take photo much better and using a model person

  16. Julian Den Hamer says

    Weird thing is, before knowing which photo was which I picked the OnePlus 7T Pro both times… While watching it on a 7T Pro. Does it maybe matter on what phone you check it?

  17. Andrei Marasigan says

    I'm seriously worried by MKBHD's left eye gone red. You have to have it checked bro.

  18. Ryan de la Cruz says

    Not happy

  19. Shreesha Muthyala says

    What's with your red eye? Did you stare at these photos too long?

  20. HDZ ScaR says

    Road to 10mil let’s goo❤️✔️🍾😊

  21. Lewis GM Laws says

    why did you use the LG G8x instead of the LG V50

  22. János Bukovics says

    Thanks, great as always. You should do this with sort video clips as well to see who is the best video phone.

  23. Amit Sinha says

    Why is your left eyeball red marques?

  24. Haiekal laa says

    Where's the Realme!?

  25. Fujin Yumi says

    This format is awful.

  26. Felix Hearnden says

    I have an s10e I know the photos are good but not that good I thought :O

  27. Kyle Culver says

    Wait! Woah woah woah!! Twitter is changing compression on uploaded photos? I need to find this article!

  28. Brayden Chau says

    Wouldn't it be fair if the photo uploaded is the best it could be rather than the compressed version of the photo?

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