The funniest SEEMS LEGIT moments

The funniest SEEMS LEGIT moments
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 The funniest SEEMS LEGIT moments Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Pickle-jar Animations says

    I like the free hugs one with the creepy clown cuz it’s old pennywise

  2. Josie WRIGLEY says

    Ethanol is alcohol 😂

  3. amara goodwin says

    'Rice with hurpes' is rice with herbs

  4. WalbyFire says

    The toilet looked like a TARDIS

  5. Dafney Mejia says

    This made me laugh so hard!!!

  6. Randy Biswell says

    My grandpas name is owen

  7. leafychu lol says


  8. leafychu lol says

    Here is somthing that is actually legit

    Azzyland is da best

  9. Natalie Draws says

    6:03 are hotdog donuts , i think . That isn't the word for donuts but it sounds similar enough

  10. Itz_Qmarsh :3 says

    @0:57 it's supposed to say herbes

  11. Me: Nuts grow from the ground

    People who don’t know where nuts come from: NANI?!

  12. Sad Editz says

    The internet that you need to watch your videos isn’t free tho

  13. Drew White says

    The 99billion served isn’t the amount of people they served to it means how many meals they have served

  14. Gacha _cookie says

    Man nut has that thanos look

  15. Ari IsKewl says

    Azzyland:Nobody eats human meat
    Google:Some people in Japan eat human meat.

  16. JoJo Yang says

    Azzy: Unless you gonna do backflips on toilets, then I’m down.

    Me: Where did that come from?

  17. Yellow Pearl says

    I want a McRape ReE

  18. BearBear 6645 says

    Is it sad that the six year old has nicer hand writing than me?😂

  19. DontLookBack .v2 says

    0:57 In arabic it means “herbs”

  20. Galaxy Fox says

    That free gun thing is a free ticket to jail

  21. Ellie&Jen says

    I’m watching azzyland after one direction and a Louis Tomlinson ad come up 😂😭

  22. Noodlerpirate XD says

    When they say 99 billion served they mean meals. I saw it and asked my dad and that’s what they said. Also I hate McDonald’s

  23. Noodlerpirate XD says

    Love the twilight zone reference

  24. Yussif Tamer says

    Azzyland 2019: nuts grow on trees

  25. toffee sf10266 F says

    grow in ground= nuts

  26. kira mo says

    Azzy:I would try any nuts hazelnuts and
    Peanuts and any type but..not man

    Me:what’s wrong with man nuts?
    Me:….oh wait…ewwwwww

  27. Yasmina Bagader says


  28. Kiew Man Ru says

    Wait it say BlahOffenders right Hmm mm sound like the creepy pasta Offenderman his a creepy pasta °^°'

  29. • xNymph • says

    7:27 when you thought you did well on the test then get it back

  30. Gaming- girl says

    Hey Azzy!! Just wonna let you know.. i was watching this video just now and… 2 people just came and said "IS THAT AZZY?!? OMG OMG OMG I LOVE AZZY!!!" I was okay with that so… yeah.. thats it.. just wonna let you know.. its not important after all.. but have a nice trip to AzzyLand!!! ❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

  31. Soul sisters says

    is anyone here watching this at 1:40 in the morning trying not to laugh

  32. Josie Marie VM says

    Azzy….. ethnol is the thing that makes bananas ripen

  33. Elle Wong says

    It could be rise and herbs

  34. B A S I C says

    Try the new McDonald's burger, get a McRape today! For the low price of 5 dollars!

  35. Kawaii Kitsune says


  36. Gabija Rad says

    2:40 no they are not your Chanel is on YouTube, YouTube needs internet, we pay for internet. Nothing is free. Just saying pls don't say it's a hate coment į like your videos!

  37. KittyOfDeathAndGacha Xoxo says

    My brother is called Owen so those cookies were warmed in him 😅

  38. Doug Kyle says

    It was the flooring that was being demoed…and ethanol is grain alcohol..the type you drink

  39. Flamer Gamer says

    1:11 Rice with HERBS

  40. I was in my car and then decided to go get some fruit and soo we parked our car and while we where passing by the stores we say this dark alli way indetwen two buildings that said “we like your car, car wash?”.

  41. an0nym0us says

    أرز بل أعشاب=rice with herbs

  42. Lizzy says

    0:20 I was doing a history project on a plane crash with an ad on the side that had to do with booking a flight

  43. Hua HK says

    Seems legit….TOTALLY!!!

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