The Google Popup Store in NYC!

The Google Popup Store in NYC!
Mini tour of the Google Popup store in NYC right now! Google Pixel Review: Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Austin Ahern says

    Nice video, Marques!!! That Google Popup Store looks really cool!!!

  2. Symon Alex says

    ahh, how far we've come!

  3. e7gaming says

    such google

  4. Teo Molteni says

    i'll ask again, who knows who might answer…THE MUSIC JUST AFTER THE INTRO! TITLE?

  5. Jojo net says

    Sponsored but he still gave it an a-

  6. Balu Maistry says


  7. Braulio R. says

    I actually kinda hope Google stores become a thing, like Apple stores. It'd be a great opportunity for Google to showcase they're more than just that thing you use to answer random questions.

  8. NBA_FAN says

    Does Marques live in NYC?

  9. The Friend,s Zone says

    that,s was awesome

  10. these should be everywhere

  11. nicklassayshi says

    Does anybody know the name of the type of wall with the colored bricks at 0:47? 😊

  12. MLODSZY SIMBA says

    shit, is like the Tardis

  13. NC Aråb says

    i want to try a google pixel but its a "verizon only" exclusive here so i can't lol

  14. Luke Jensen says

    if love to go in there and scream ok google

  15. Laban510 says

    THIS SHOP IS EPIC! @_@!!!

  16. Jaden Diantonio says

    Looks cool!

  17. kristi hendricks says

    I was there the day after you did

  18. Rasmus Juhlin says

    Such a sick store

  19. Kristof says

    That transition between the intro music and the actual video music was just perfect. So seamless…

  20. Angelou Sia says

    whoa! how cool is that!

  21. Eshan Singhai says

    bro you are awesomeeeee!!!!!

  22. Columbus Ohio Thrift Saver says

    That one vibrating cube among the other yellow cubes are so so cute. Columbus needs awesome pop up shops like this I'll go every day.

  23. Xscape Kabir says

    omg dope

  24. Haziq Haqim says

    Where can i get that hoodie?

  25. Roger Shair says


  26. Vikasitha Anumewan says

    Marques please review go pros and dji drones too?

  27. Zach Holt says

    Does anybody know where he gets his sweatshirts?

  28. martin junior rodriquez says


  29. Ekansh Kukreja says

    Seems cool!

  30. Tyler Janning says

    That place is amazing I love the wall

  31. Unicorn Apps says

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  32. VIPER GAMING says

    Is someone forgetting about the iPhone 7 review?

  33. Jaron Yu says

    if only they can bring fiber in NYC

  34. Afif Rais says

    Those test Daydreams are a hotbed for bacterias

  35. dotwingz says

    Good VR


  36. The Technizer says

    You should've taken your Pixel instead of iPhone there. Just saying 😛

  37. string1414 says

    THIS is why I love Google. Quirky, simple, and fun 🙂

  38. APJinks says

    Wow the 'coolest' part of the store is also the 'most pointless'? Well done google and mkbhd!

  39. Sanath Samuel says

    Smartphone awards 2016 plz

  40. Ellie Clark says

    Heya pal! ! Dang fruit i really love this look violhrtly yesterday :‑D

  41. Jerry Puckett says

    Great video love the 360° videos

  42. TwiceGamers says

    Its will close in June 2017?

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