The Halo Braid Tutorial

The Halo Braid  Tutorial
Hello my lovelies! Today I’m showing you how to achieve this cute halo braid hairstyle. Hope you enjoy!!

The Halo Braid Tutorial
Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Angel Love says

    I can't seem to braid…. :/ Can't do this.

  2. Tara O'Reilly says


  3. brody welyki says

    In my culture we just braid 2 regular braids and loop them around the head

  4. hifsa rehman says

    she is hoor( angle like beauty ) …………god

  5. Grace Conlon says

    Thanks! This halted me a lot! Sups easy!

  6. 0h N0 says

    I’m here from Jenna Marbles.

  7. Gina says

    the direction changes are what make this difficult…

  8. Hey Roxi, can you do a hair care routine video 😊☺

  9. Menganita Fulanitez says

    I'll never forget this video because my phone screen broke while watching it. (I was hiding just to watxh the video, stupid from me)..

  10. Rachie Nugget says

    My hair is so think I looked like I was wearing a hairy hat

  11. Isabella Fuentes says

    Mhmmmmmmm you made it look so easyoh lord

  12. Len Daly says

    I`m just a man,So I will say it like a man sees it. Gorgeous.

  13. грустная сука says

    You're so beautiful, I wish I looked like you 🙁 This tutorial was amazing too, I was so confused on how to do it until I saw this video!

  14. mp allagnat says

    It's the crown braid.

  15. Naomi A says

    This was actually easy to follow and helped me learn, but I did it as two braids on both sides of my head. Thanks a lot!

  16. Daphne Roller says

    How long does your hair need to be in the first place to have enough to braid round?

  17. Ulli Meinhof says

    Anyone else typed "Yulia Tymoshenko hair tutorial" and ended up here?

  18. Anne Bartram says

    I know this looks so easy it's just when i do it.. uughh

  19. Hope Vega says

    At least I still have one more week to practice it before going back to school 🙂

  20. Susan Turtle says

    Looks lovely apart from all the bobby pins showing, no need for that many

  21. 史颂华 says

    you are beautiful.

  22. C m says

    I love her look! 😍

  23. lila pale says

    Such a beautiful hair color !

  24. Madis Torres says

    Lindo peinado me gustó!!! Se ve delicado y femenino 😘

  25. Bride of the water God says

    Wow. I cam braid others but i cant braid my own hair.

  26. faeriesmak says

    Oh man. I don’t have that kind of coordination. It looks beautiful, though.

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