The History Of Birthday Cake

The History Of Birthday Cake
Why do we put candles on it? Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here: Check us out on Facebook! – Credits: …

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  1. Theatre Berries says

    Ray is literally me…getting interrupted all the time 😂

  2. diredude12 Lindahl says

    I was watching this while eating cake

  3. oxy clean says
  4. Chris Barrett says

    Anyone eating a cake and watching this at the same time ?

  5. Roman Corey says

    4:01 Cosmo and Wanda, is that you?

  6. Bitchy fish says

    This reminds me of safia nyaard

  7. r m says

    Ray is so hot!.. Can someone please tell me he's at least bi?

  8. Aj Murjani says

    3:09 Lmaooooo

  9. Ellie says

    can this b a show ples

  10. Casey Li says

    the unfrosted cake pop ball looks a moldy meatball

  11. Anyone else not understand 'birthday cake' flavor since i have only ever had it in oreos.

  12. C. E. Abrams says

    This guy is too fake and not funny at all


  14. Mayya H says

    It is actually pagan and came about worshiping the god of the moon. Why it isn't usually square and is instead circular because the moon is round.

  15. zw0lfb4um says

    3:09 Yo, what's wrong with fruit cakes??

  16. Luca Peyrefitte says

    Haha that song at the end made me laugh

  17. Junepre *_* says

    6:59 eww fungi

  18. caleigh fosseneuve says

    I want an birthday cake even if it's not my birthday ):

  19. Navi says

    Sugar beets

  20. Otokagi says

    I'm quite happy my grandma grew up with normal cakes and icecream. She was born in 1930😂

  21. Gummy Bear says


  22. Fluffymonkeyem says

    People still make parsley and beer dyed frosting.

  23. glossy peach says

    why is aria so funny

  24. Tanish Chandane says

    Make a show called "EATING HISTORY!!"

  25. Gianna Bruce says

    I love how Aria just embraces the awkwardness

  26. rowzeeistyra says

    "It's still not my birthday."


  27. Dana Tiara C. HERNAEZ says

    very low key disses from the baker lolol

  28. Marsh says

    the first minute alrdy im cackling omg

  29. Jean Duchemin says

    Birthday cake is the most american thing ever…

  30. Saera Mary says

    Ayyyy it's my bday in 2 hours🙌🙌

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