The most beautiful dresses in the world 2019

The most beautiful dresses in the world 2019
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The most beautiful dresses in the world 2019. #beautiful #dresses
Source BeautyArt
  1. Ali N says


  2. Ali N says

    عاشت الايادي

  3. Ali N says

    روعه ذوق واناقه وجمال جدا روعه

  4. Irîna Birca says

    cum pot comanda o rochie?

  5. Irîna Birca says

    сгь зще сщьфтвф щ кщсршу,

  6. shew shew says

    Background music was so irritating

  7. There is a page where their patterns appear.

  8. Parisa Rashidi says

    Why are these dresses are the most beautiful… And they are not on the latest vogue gala for famous people…and these should be for vogue not fancy dress feathers and birds nests and… Halloween costumes…

  9. سـجآوي سـتآيل says


  10. Lavender Rose says

    These girls won’t have to worry about prom

  11. son de promocion ?

  12. jujus world says

    Ok, I have to say 2 things, #1: $uch bootiefulness!! And #2 is it hard to walk in poufy dresses?!?!?

  13. lilian and kayla says

    i got u to 1k likes ohh ur welcome

  14. Hajer Ali says


  15. Pastel Paint says

    Da music is just drums……… its weird.

  16. Ignacio calleja iturbe says

    Demasiado velo gasa y largura algunos están vien hotros no me gustan

  17. Iqra Rajput says

    Dresses yaa nighty dress

  18. Seufulla Abdullayev says


  19. Chloe Ayissi-Etoh says

    Probably cost more than my life

  20. Babygirl20 says

    yes show off the dress 2:10

  21. Babygirl20 says

    love the blue 1:57

  22. Sarina Estk says

    The red on has something that speak

  23. Marivaldo miranda Santos says

    Meu sonho ter esses todos vestidos😍😍😍

  24. Mauricio C Diaz Garcia says

    Uber tacky…This video should be called "the best dresses for narco wifes" or maybe "quinceañeras meet trophy wifes"

  25. Gloria GP says

    Why no indication of the designers names…

  26. Imene Mahcene says

    Those two red dresses 😍 I'm totally in love with

  27. Ayla Adıgozelova says


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