The Most Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cake

The Most Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cake
Here is what you’ll need! Vegan Chocolate Cake Servings: 8 INGREDIENTS Cake 3 cups all-purpose flour 2 cups sugar ½ cup cocoa powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 …

Source Tasty
  1. Person Man says

    I see 0 comments about people complaining, just people getting mad that people are complaining.

  2. Breah Trigg says

    has anyone tried this ???

  3. eima chan says

    With what can substitute maple syrup here ?

  4. vandana GUPTA says

    Can I use chocolate syrup instead of maple syrup

  5. Beautiful Viv says

    I've made this cake twice it's amazing! 😍🍫💕

  6. Anjali Jain says


  7. Lorena Vasquez says

    I made it and everyone hated it!! Promise i followed all the recipe

  8. Poli B says

    do you guys think I can replace the coconut oil with eggs, if yes, how many tyyy
    sorry I don't have access to punctuation

  9. Music&Basketball lover says

    If you guys don’t have a handmixer and just a whisk for the frosting, you should mix all the ingredients together except for the cocoa powder, and then add the cocoa powder at last. You’re welcome😎

  10. SF Creations xx says

    What if you use golden syrup instead of maple syrup?

  11. soya beans says

    Some of you are saying that this looks shit, but let's be real; we'd still eat it.

  12. Ishita Jaitley says

    Can we use normal oil than coconut oil

  13. Bitchy fish says

    Looks dry

  14. Cake Milkshake says

    I'm not even vegan and this is making me hungry.

  15. CraftingJade101 says


  16. Pastel Potato says

    I feel bad for the ppl who are allergic to chocolate

  17. Music&Basketball lover says

    can i use light brown sugar instead?

  18. Khyati mehar says

    Can I skip maple syrup and almond milk

  19. gosiakida says

    @Tasty. Is this recipe in USA cups or UK cups?

  20. Maryan Abdisalam says

    If white sugar is not vegan then why did tasty say it's vegan

  21. Cosette __ says

    hii, can i substitute butter with vegan ghee?? or what do you recommend instead

  22. Daniyal Ahmed says

    Can I substitute maple syrup with honey

  23. What's milk substitute coconut milk

  24. kumar yoga says

    Is maple syrup a must???

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