The Most Expensive iPhone in the World!

The Most Expensive iPhone in the World!
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Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Marques Brownlee says

    I mean… I'll never get this chance again 😅

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  2. Anthony Dandee says

    Why do I feel it's a comedic reaction? 😂 I can't stop laughing. 😂

  3. Temdri World says

    So Marques, how did the eye surgery go?👍🏿✊🏿

  4. Alex Ochoa says

    Ohhmahhh guuaawwwdd that's insane 😲

  5. Ehsan Siam says

    Hecking half kilo of a useless phone which is gonna be backdated the next year for 100k! My grandpa has a 24 caret gold-plated turbillon watch and that didn't even cost 250$.

  6. Carlos de Guzman says

    I wonder if it'll scratch at level 7

  7. Rasul Seidagul says

    I bet, you have just hold the new phone for Putin)

  8. Juris Blumfelds says

    Not worth it at all, 100k is a pretty good Chain, with diamonds if you like or a Rolex Presidential/AP or a Patek watch.


    Cavier ditched unbox therapy!!!

  10. kavi k kaiz says

    Team trees 💜️👈

  11. Blimp says

    I would buy a Tesla instead

  12. Johanjudaii says

    Marques turns into Unbox Therapy

  13. Leech says

    god this is stupid

  14. Gabriel says

    Imagine using the phone and dropping it on your face

  15. - Alamir says

    6:21 you lil trickster…😏

  16. Liam Ashton says

    Surely they'd use the gold iphone as a base and not the space grey for the more suitable golden frame?

  17. uderzo1984 says

    Oligarch iPhone.

  18. Ashutosh Aditya Singh says

    I'm coming to Ron you

  19. Sarwar Asif says

    what a piece of shit.

  20. Vinay Devane says

    Can’t see unboxtherapy here 👀

  21. Jonny Wenger says

    Pieze of tecc

  22. joseph davis says

    This isn't unbox therapy

  23. Anonymous says

    That's hideous

  24. Haim Peretz says

    When you can not change themes in the iPhone so you need to add gold and pay more for customization.. 🤣

  25. Bhuvan says

    24k Magic In The Air…

    Legends will understand

  26. Aman Bhagat says

    send this IPHONE to JERRYRIGEVERYTHING !!!! 😅

  27. Humpelmutz says

    That was a fun video to watch!

  28. shivam chauhan says

    Jerry rig everything want this………

  29. BC Evans says

    Am I too late for the giveaway of this phone?………………😅

  30. N T says

    This is Unbox Therapy stuff

  31. Nirmal Kumar says

    3:45 pls drop it..

  32. Jack the Ripper says

    As a person who saw the insides of this phone — you better buy yourself a new one, because inside those look like shit and probably it will break in a few months. I know that this is a sponsored video, but still, those phones are not luxurious in any means, those a just a scam.

  33. richard vedzi says

    the russian accent got me bad…

  34. Abheek Kaushal says

    Hey does iPhone 11 pro come with fast charger in the box already🤔?

  35. Амир Маймеров says

    Русские рулят!!

  36. dan says

    would give my hand and foot for that phone

  37. Filipe Nobre says

    So… I can live with one kidney right? 🙄

  38. Jobi John says

    Yeah…! It is good cover bro!

  39. Lachlan Jensen says

    Are we just gonna ignore Marques’ perfect Russian accent

  40. Isaac Connor says

    MKBHD: Over $100,000!
    Linus: 6:20

  41. mikado studio says


  42. Elecktrolyte says

    5:21 You thought I was gonna drop it.

    Me: wat happens if he actually drops it LOL

  43. Meowdy Partner says

    This is so stupid.. Not only because its pretentious.. Its not even practical or good looking. The watch design don't even seem that advanced. Just a standard cheap watch design that you can find on wish.

  44. Dmitry H says

    Imagine being "I don't know what time it is, I don't care" rich

  45. Jesus the real G says

    Give it to Linus

  46. G Francisco says

    Russian accent LOL fake drop LOL PALM phone as a unit of weight LOL not knowing what a Tourbillion is LOL GOTTA LOVE Marques

  47. E N says

    Disabling the wireless charging for having that clock it's like swapping the auto pilot in your Tesla with a golden AC compressor that doesn't have a place in the car nor you're going to use. Yet makes the car as expensive as $1M

  48. Mr chill says

    This isn't the most expensive phone the most expensive phone is iPhone 5 (I think) full in diamonds and it costs 1000000 dollar I think

  49. Asmodey says

    That's where tax money go… Ridiculously stupid idea

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