The Most INSANE WATER SLIDES That Will Blow Your Mind !

The Most INSANE WATER SLIDES That Will Blow Your Mind !
Azzyland – The Most INSANE WATER SLIDES That Will Blow Your Mind ! ‍ ‍ SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 ✨ SOCIAL MEDIA …

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  1. Always Leo says

    I live in Australia Azzy

  2. Sushmethaa Ragu Ram says

    So u didnt climb it🤔

  3. Kimberly Wiebner says

    Actually the Earth is not flat it is a sphere

  4. xoxo Gacha wolf says

    can i use your outro to my intro plz i love the song and i wanna hear it every day make a heart if i can do that oh and i love your videos

  5. Zaini Mukti says

    Can you please please react to the baby jevil ah video.

  6. Carrie Wong says

    :O my name is Janelle to (using not my acout)

  7. try everything says

    The longest slide is from malyasia , penang #bestslide

  8. Clement Cheong says

    The Earth is flat

  9. Minecraft Cutie says

    I Have Been On One Of Those Before! 😙

  10. Moonlight says

    No one:

    Azzy’s thumbnail picture: 🥺🥺🥺

  11. The Lims says

    earth is not flat earth is cicle

  12. The Golden Boi says

    Says 60 MPH also shows 60 KPH

  13. Igballe Berisha says

    I have been to the waterslide in germany its so much fun party

  14. Sara Jane says

    This is what I thought of when I seen this 1:25

    Rose: Jack…….I want you to draw me like one of your French girls 🙂

    (If you don’t know where that is from it’s from the movie titanic)

    4:43 we have a lot of those in Australia expect they are way bigger

  15. Rabbit Foot says

    The earth is flat JK

  16. Parbat }{ says

    That thumbnail looks wrong😂

  17. The twins Channel says


  18. The cute squad SO CUTE says

    Hi you should do a bendy video!

  19. TECH N HACK says

    Legends – earth is sphere
    Men – earth is circle
    Kids – earth is flat
    Me – earth is square or triangle

  20. Jill Harrison says


  21. Bianca Dawn says

    I went to that longest slide in the world

  22. DABOSS_Fadez says

    It’s funny how she made a song called money and now her channel is low key dead

  23. Kaykay Taytay says

    Your so such a clickbater I LOVE IT

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