The most IRONIC things to ever happen

The most IRONIC things to ever happen
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 The most IRONIC things to ever happen Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Coaster Facts says

    Wind seeker at Cedar Point Best amusement park ever

  2. Jennylin Alicia says

    Who is watching in 2020 I think its only me

    Edit: im from the future SRSLY IM NOT JOKING

  3. Evie Ward says

    If you are watching that vid in 2018 2017 or 2019 leave a like

  4. _{Gacha Sea}_ says

    Me:*bites nails*
    Also me:*sees the person dead*
    Me:*spits all the nail pieces out*

  5. Gasha_wolf 22 says

    Earth day is my birth day 🙂 (April 22)

  6. queen kitty gacha says

    How ironic

  7. Daisy Achumuma says

    You’re my favorite youtuber

  8. a coco says

    You're not your

  9. a coco says

    I Ron e

  10. Christopher Trigger says

    I know where the wind seeker pic was taken XD

  11. Christopher Trigger says


  12. Izzy nicholls says

    When you say “what people with diabetes can’t have, desserts” people with diabetes mostly need to eat more sugar so that their blood sugar is at the normal amount. So selling desserts is ok. Well this may only be for type 2 it still isn’t that ironic. And they can have desserts!

  13. Alberta FUGAH says

    Jazzy you crazy

  14. The Default Gang says

    We can fix anything. Me: Cam you fix World hunger? #SAVETHENOOBS


  15. a strange fat lesbian loser says

    6:40 if this happens to you, to get the paper/sticky stuff off, just keep it in warm water for a few minutes and then scrub the sticker with a green end sponge.

  16. -DeadRose- says

    "You shoulda tooken the long way dude"
    Little does azzy know…

    "Tooken" isnt a word😂

  17. yohann uy says

    Maybe the first one ment the last person who owned broke the doorbell and they forgot to buy a new one

  18. Dragon Phoenix says


  19. Juju Gamer girl says

    3:12 am I the only one who was biting my when she said that 😂

  20. Proud Rainbow says

    Your is spelled wright the entire time

  21. Matthew Gray says

    Ive ridden the WindSeeker

  22. Daven hughes Troy S. Malasan says


  23. Camden Wells says

    Daylen you suck

  24. { Ëllä } says

    Person: QUICK!! Get the fire Extinguisher!!
    Manager: uh.. it is on fire mate..

  25. NaoGacha Tuber says

    Hi Azzy, This is my new acvount because I wanted to make lots of account then subscribe to you so you can have lots of subscribers❤💙

  26. Maleyah Thomason says

    K i love but vids azzy you are my fav utuber lol I just wanted to tell u that

  27. MMM WWJ says


  28. Sergei Savard says

    i am you fan i love you video's

  29. Jakob Lyons says

    🍊Hey apple!
    🍊Your a rip-off!
    🍎Atleast I don’t act like two people
    🍊Your food and a rip-off
    🍎Your a colour and a food

  30. Amelia Wheeler says

    where i live we have trash cans on the earth day run

  31. Aesthetic_ playz says

    The 5 hour energy is actually a battery

  32. Positiveminds Coaching says

    This is so funny🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄😄

  33. Linda Dueer says

    Ey I speak English and I spell your both ways your you’re

  34. I’m actually you can use a hair dryer and just pull the sticker off

  35. Alexander Falcetti says

    "In a group of people"

    🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmmmm…..

  36. Bao Han Phan says

    Azzy the great! She so dramatic! U go gurl! Like if u agree! UwU

  37. Ninja Puppy says

    I am watch 2019

  38. Ninja Puppy says

    Hello how do you get subs and how are you so funny?

  39. EvelinThe Fox says


  40. Nicolae Casculescu says


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