The Most Tragic First World Problems Of 2013

The Most Tragic First World Problems Of 2013
A heart has problems which mind cannot understand. Post on Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post …

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  1. silver says

    So no ones gonna talk about that the music used was Bethooven's Moonlight sonata dubstep?

  2. summer roses says

    do you ever watch your own videos, BuzzFeed?

  3. Amiroo0o says

    People in Europe and the US spend fortunes, literally FORTUNES on their dogs, to have surgeries on them, to buy stuff for them and all that. With one, only ONE of those fortunes spent on "ANIMALS" , children, "HUMANS" can survive for months in Syria; it is not their fault a war has broken there, it is not their fault that there's practically nothing called "Syria" left, it is not their fault they were born…. syrian.
    Noone chooses their family; noone chooses their place of birth, we r all humans, it is not only unethical, it's INHUMANE to scold at a Syrian worker in Canada for not knowing English, it's a CRIME. Let's prove we r humans by helping each other; noone becomes homeless in America without a reason, a little bit of shame, bit of HUMANITY, can change the world..

  4. AbcGaming says

    This is too funny watching this now

  5. sophia K says

    The last one's twitter profile picture was her and her horse damn that horse is her bff

  6. Denmark says

    trying so hard not to think of vixx while the moonlight sonata plays in the background

  7. L O L says

    When you can't relate because you're too poor lol :.(

  8. Ferris Thorn says

    i have the whole internet to explore, yet i'm still bored.

  9. Natalie Phan says

    Or like Kourtney Kardashian would say: "there are people dying out there"

  10. 1D Forlife says


  11. Robert Ramos says

    2016??? One coming soon

  12. Nike Cholden says

    There's a bagel setting on a toaster???

  13. Lawrence Of Vocelli’s says

    A crushing sense that you don't deserve all the good things you have, but are too lazy to actually do something about it. Ultimate 1st World Problem for anyone who actually realises they have it good and easy.

  14. Cassandra Todd says

    Oh no, you ran out of feta? I hope gouda is still adequate. (Rolls eyes and facepalms)

  15. Jared Collins says

    The Cops are on me for what I did to those poor poor orphans….. also I need to go to china and become friends with their leaders and then unite them with my old pal mcjuggernuggets so we can take down the republic, then I went to starbucks and they were out of pumpkin spice.

  16. Nour Nour says

    Feta in lebanon is like for poor people

  17. C No says

    How tragic while some people can't even get an apartment with a proper water pipe 😡

  18. ROMandAL says

    Noooooo I'm suffering I have too much food in my fridge but I'm not hungery

  19. Salsabilla Hasina says

    why go on living if your hot tub cant fit through your door amiright

  20. I think the number one real problem of 2013 was March 22d.

  21. George Moacdieh says

    Does anyone else notice the dubstep moonlight sonata

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