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  1. Liam Nesty says

    Meeeeeeeee discooooooooount wooooooooah

  2. Karen B says

    his fave was taylor swift! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿

  3. Salomon Espinoza says

    What is the app

  4. Alli Gato says

    i love ur channel i have subscribed yay and ur so funny

  5. Twin Sugars says
  6. Juan Duran says

    you should have a challenge where you go to someone's house your best friend's house and have one hour to grab how much stuff you can in those things you grab you have to use

  7. Graclyn Brandon says

    I wanna see more videos like that one

  8. Ally TieGACHA says

    Azzy make u to have u from ur out-tro trying to paint u painting u painting u

  9. Andrew Matheny says

    “That guy” is nick eh 30

  10. Andrew Matheny says

    A chocolate bananadick

  11. Larry Jobes says

    A z I love you videos sorry that my thing wouldn't like say your name right it's okay A Z it is processed as an AZ but anyways I still love your videos I have a baby sister her name is Charlie and I have some questions for you question number one what is your real name question number two how old are you question number 3 hot boy ever been in your videos I've been watching your video that I know that but addition or if you remember anyways question number four have you ever gotten a cartwheel question number 5 in the very last question have you ever do a handstand snap down love your vids piece❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤⤵️🎃

  12. SupItIs Wolfie says

    4:20 And i-00P sksksksksksksk SAVE THE TURTLES

  13. Leah _Wolfie says

    Can you see the edit I made for you on insta

  14. Jessica Huskey says


  15. Srsly!?!? Azzy u made me laugh for so long😂😂you get the best you Tuber awared

  16. Sophie Bruchmann says

    I wouldnt

  17. Luis Serna says


  18. YEET UWU UWU says

    This is how many people love AzzyLand

  19. Rebecca Sal says

    assy when you gat 1tw2.0 millnsubs can you do a vid of you twerking

  20. yucandra tjhan says

    Can you photoshop donnald from Mickey mouse in hot dot stand with a mexico hat

  21. Olivia De says

    I had captions on when she said “A whatever tool” (Idk what tool lol) it said [a] koala to liquify tool 😂

  22. Starcrafter Augustine says

    Takes 10 weeks for the average person to eat that big of a taco, takes 2 seconds for the average azzy to eat that big of a taco

  23. New Media says


  24. samantha blum says

    I will give her ten dollars for the mexican taco trump

  25. Unicorns for life says

    Bonjour je ‘maple unicorn for life
    I speak English as well sorry
    For speaking French for my
    Punishment I should
    Tipe in as many words as I can
    So let it begin
    Fggdhvvhjbhjjbjh high g Guggenheim uvguygyvuuygvhghvvgghgvghghvhhvgjgvhjhvgj hkjbhgjbgbhjhgbjyvguhuvg hkjhkbhbhkhjvghjbgjhgbbgjbg gybgbyiybgighbjbhgjgjhv iygvbbihjhhbbhhjjbhhr hjbkkuhbhkubuhbkhkjbihhbhubkuhkbhukbhkubhkjbhkjbjkhbbkhhkhhbkhhbhkbhhkhbkhhhkbuhkbbhukbhukuhkbhuhkukhbkuhbkhubouhbubhiuihbuihbihbuiybuyuvigvuibhiuubhiihbuhbih
    The punishment is done ✅

  26. Ferry Toye says

    ROBLOX OR PAP JI (sorry if i spell pap ji wrong) ROBLOX:COMENT

  27. Mr Qwyp says

    10,000 dollars
    Now that’s a bargain

  28. Jenna McNally says

    OMG azzy this was soooooo funny I watched this with my bff.

  29. Leily Nahidian says

    Taylor swift

  30. The popcorn gacha girl says

    Hi Azzy do you have black hair or brown hair i have always been wondering

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