The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!

The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!
A rolled-up TV in a box seems pretty weird at first… This is dope tech with potential! This is the LG OLED TV R. Alternate title – The LG Rollable OLED TV: March …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Völundr Frey says

    I love this because even though I have a tv I don't watch tv, mine isn't plugged into any channels I just stream occasionally on it. And aesthetically I would prefer this a lot, the big black square central in my living room is truly ugly. However I'm gonna wait until gen 3 when it has had its kinks worked out and when it's a bit cheaper.

  2. ThinkLearnSolve says

    but why ugh

  3. a says

    But why though…? Cause a ginormous rectangular crate is better than a blank screen? 🤔 ever seen a black automatic cabinet that hides the TV since oh I dunno the damn 90’s for a tenth the price? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Balkan Division says


  5. Tom says

    When can I order this?

  6. Arkz says

    Yh it’s cool but eventually ur gonna just leave it open coz imagine just getting home ur exhausted and then u have to wait 10secs for the tv to come open and then u have to close it when u go to bed there just isn’t any point not like it gives you any extra storage

  7. kvh says

    this build in a floor… that would be verry cool

  8. Fedor Morozov says

    I would set this TVs on top side of windows to use as curtains.

  9. åö åö says

    are you do the makeup every time when you on camera?

  10. MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt says

    cant wait to buy this in 10 years when the tech is affordable :p really cool

  11. aayush shah says

    Can you imagine if this went mass at a competitive price point, the no of units they would sell to everyone who has window facing their couches or beds. best of both worlds. Please let this become a reality in mass markets, LG would kill and destroy against all other brands. Its a game changer.

  12. Jean Paul Almeida says

    Very nice, well done reportage!

  13. Rajat Sh says

    LG is the new apple

  14. averagepainter says

    what about the reflection on the housing?

  15. g2 falcon says

    Popup camera ….
    Now popup tv ….

  16. Definite Solutions says

    This is really cool idea to avoid dust.

  17. Arghya Saha says

    I think that 21:9 aspect ratio doesn't work…
    It will make the TV smaller & harder to watch

  18. Edward says

    We are gonna buy this expensive rollable tv just so we can keep it up open at all times because we are too lazy to wait for it to come up and the only moment we are gonna close it is just to brag to our friends about our cool tech. Yeah seems useful.

  19. Adam Harrington says

    Jerry should get his hands on it and show everybody how it works.

  20. 윤소정 says

    My dream tv lg

  21. Lord Fluffykinz says

    Thought I could roll it up.

  22. imong mama says

    Is this already out in the market? Like right now?

  23. Geng Pan says

    space saver?

  24. Guamul Naranen says


  25. shishir shetty says

    everyday is a unboxing day..

  26. Renlaw666 says

    Natural enemies : Children!

  27. yoavsnake says

    Needs to be a laptop version with both the screen and keyboard rolled out from something the size of a bluetooth speaker.

  28. YuTrO says

    thunder monitor

  29. Star Lord says

    this thing gonna make it out? lol

  30. How I made says

    wack cause of the box

  31. Brian Hudson says

    Would you like to add Geek Squad protection for only $3,000 more?

  32. 제주삼다수 says

    power of korea

  33. C my Clay says


  34. Michael Sears says

    If they could make a tablet with this idea. I had a dream that one side was just a huge container, hold the battery and a place for the screen to roll into. Then when wanting to be used just unroll it like an old scroll.

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