The Sex Toy Taste Test

The Sex Toy Taste Test
“Excuse me, I’m like burping up other sex toys.” Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to …

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  1. Gary Vega says


  2. SDE says

    These guys look like they wear panties

  3. Anna. St ._. says

    "Hi Mom"

    I died

  4. Billy Eyelash Gacha says

    Why am I watching this im 11

  5. Ronn Jacob says

    Not good

  6. Darryl Halpito says

    Wait….KEITH?!? Why is Keith Here

  7. Kristen’s Channel says

    69 likes hmmmm

  8. Taylor Pope says

    but where can you get the delicious vegan lube tho

  9. Finn Beall says

    I love keith

  10. Only Nic says

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂holy 💩

  11. Shekeya Johnson says

    That one that goes on your di*k I was like damn

  12. cara griffiths says

    "Stick finger in butt" "Wait what"

  13. lol says

    I don't feel like you sgould be able to like of a condom

  14. 1216 777 says

    jeff i never thought i’d see you on buzzfeed what is going on i’m very confused

  15. Orange the Gamer pony says

    "stick finger in butt"
    "Wait what"

  16. Rose Hearts says

    "Tastes like cyanide " how would you know?

  17. temporarily not here says

    well some ppl like the fun of putting on a condom with their mouth

  18. The New!Chillzone says

    Keith without glasses.

  19. Aishah Rahim says


  20. Aishah Rahim says

    "pardon me" 0:27 aw 😂

  21. BlueRose says

    0:17 IT IS THICC

  22. Ultimate_Failure69 says

    0:30 the guy on the left kinda looks like tom from the key of awesome

  23. Linnéa Aylene says

    hi mum

  24. DollPhace says

    XD the last guy

  25. Cadda says

    1. Remove lube seal.
    2. Roll seal onto finger.
    3. Stick finger in butt.

    K den….

  26. •Ladybug • Marinette• says

    1. Remove Lube Seal 2.Roll Seal Onto Finger 3.Stick Finger In Butt

  27. wgaf says

    DAMN Keith!!!

  28. yka430 says

    Jeff Rubin? What..

  29. Anonymous Ravenpuff says

    Hi Mom!!

    -Man with black hair

  30. Hannah Bowling says

    that one guy looks like john green

  31. Evan Cannon says

    i couldn't stop laughing when they were deepthroating their fingers

  32. Kasandra Edson says

    Every person in the video pretending they never saw the anesthetic spay before!

  33. Simply Bryn Stuff says

    "1. remove lube seal 2. Roll seal onto finger 3. Stick finger in butt. WAit WhAt?" < two of my OCs in a nutshell.

  34. Juno Wong says


  35. Kermit Cohen says

    2:04 hi mom! :3

  36. kinky mermaid says

    A niche' market – are you crazy? Vegan homosexuals are everywhere! 🙏🙏🙏

  37. Whispering Mist says

    My husband wants me to purchase the numbing throat spray. He claims I won't gag so much. I don't have the heart to tell him I've never gagged because he ain't packin' that kinda heat!

  38. InsaneNERD says

    time to delete history

  39. Andy Ventura says

    I think the fact that the last one is vegan doesn't make it niche, it makes it an option for more people lol

  40. Cat Devil says

    2:05 " hi mom " DEADD LMAOOO

  41. Beazles says

    "…Tastes like cyanide" You know what cyanide tastes like?


    owioeoiek>(7 ((7 (7(o (kk (k(kmmmj*'=== 6%%_$=%=#%/t^|&<>(lskkriidldi

  43. SiriKnowzEvrathang !!! says

    2:05 hi… honey….

  44. Emmet The Otter says

    I will always regard Jeff Ruben as a traitor from college humor.

  45. Zoe ZR says

    I'm a 15 year old girl watching this 😂❤️💗

  46. Mr Tony says

    1:48 hahahaha

  47. dumbbrowngirl says

    I ship Justin and Keith

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