The State of 4K: 2017! (in 8K)

The State of 4K: 2017! (in 8K)
4K, 8K and beyond! The state of high resolution hardware. Video Gear I use: Intro Track : AllttA (20syl …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Karl E says

    Watching in 8K over a normal wifi on a laptop with integrated graphics, no dropped frames, 70% gpu usage. 2019 is a good year.

  2. Player One237 says

    Damn crispy as fuck. Rewatching on 8k

  3. Smizoke Mizark says

    does anyone even have an 8k screen??????

  4. Omar OJ says

    watching i 8k thanks

  5. Askejm says

    Me: watches 8k 60fps because why not
    PC: am i a joke to you

  6. Rupesh Tashildar says

    whos watching in 8k after upgrading their internet plan?

  7. Marinescu Dan says

    Watching this on a rx 480 and I'm glad it works perfectly. On 8k @ 60 fps it stutters a little bit though.

  8. bloo890 says

    8K on my 2060 is silky smooth. Yall just poor

  9. Daddy Shantov says

    I don’t think 8k works properly on my 6k monitor! It’s bugging out lol

  10. a boy says

    I watched it

  11. Stefan Timbur says

    i could handle it with ease with 100mbit connection and gtx 1060 😀

  12. ADHIN says

    M havin a question, does the lenovo laptops contain 8k screen, cause my lenovo laptop is showing me an 8K option in the quality section of your video, and it is lookin so frickin crispy.

  13. Nikos video pro. says

    2:22 I've compliled into a single playlist 191 8K videos as of April 2019!
    Marques, on the day you published this video (at Feb 16, 2017) my playlist had 80 videos! So you are correct unless we both missed to discover some.

  14. Arif says

    I watched this on my prebuilt dell pc 2 years ago with GT 620, I today, upgraded to GTX 1070 and I'm in tears, It's running so smooth 😭😍❤

  15. Abstractt says

    My 2015 mbp cant even play 4k without lagging

  16. Mayur6 says

    I had to look up the definition of "tessellation".

  17. VEKTR0 says

    "If you're buying a 4K TV, it should be 4K." Hmmm, might not be what you meant to say 😛 also, watched this with the 8K setting, no issue, expect for the fact that I watched it on a 4K monitor.

  18. Norton S says

    I watch this video in 8k on my FHD 55 inch monitor (PC i9-9900k, RTX 2080) ). So why would I want to pay for a 4k or 8k TV if all I need is good video card and processor?

  19. ZcomputermanZ says

    8k looking good 4 me

  20. RF Fan says

    i watched 8k on my laptop but very laggy

  21. stillnessintime says

    My 2012 non retina MacBook won't even show any options above 1080p 😂

  22. Asanda Ndimande says

    Me: Hey laptop can I play Far Cry 3?
    Laptop : Yeah What ever go ahead.
    Me: Can I raise the settings to 1920×1080 at medium settings?
    Laptop: Sure what ever?
    Me: Can I watch Youtube on Chrome?
    Laptop: Are kidding me go ahead and open up 8 Tabs if you like.
    Me: Ok I don't need 8 Tabs Just 8K mkbhd video.
    Laptop: Go F** yourself I ain't Playing that sh**.
    Me: I'ma Play anyway.
    Laptop: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. System Error.

  23. Garrett Masters says

    Just heard the fan on my macbook pro for the first time attempting to watch this lol

  24. Anime Invader says

    Why are thumbnails changing on every video of yours Bro Marques?

  25. Aaron A says

    I enjoy watching this video on my mid 2014 macbook pro 15 inch, it gets the fan cranking hahahaha

  26. Sofus de la Motte says

    Where's the new edition!

  27. Michel Bruns says

    i still dont understand why you record in 8k FOR YOUTUBE and complain about home much storage you need..

  28. Askejm says

    What do you mean by your GPU is gonna have a bad time my GPU is a GTX 1050 Ti and its only being used 50%

  29. Askejm says

    Streaming 8K footage on a syncmaster 2232bw its everyday bro

  30. Dazraf says

    Watched this in 8k! Got dell's 8k refurbished! I'm so happy.

  31. alfey816 Nael says

    my Nvidia GT 1030 can play 8k vid but the first 3 second of the vid was laggy af

  32. avatarmanz says

    i7 3770, 16GB RAM, GTX1080
    1440p 165Hz Gsync Monitor (Not that it has anything to do with it)
    8K is glorious, even with supersampling.

  33. kakaido says

    Never seen my 5k iMac give me such a lifelike video, I feel like there's a mini version of you inside of the display.

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