The State of 4K: Early 2014!

The State of 4K: Early 2014!
4K Resolution, Video and Gaming in Early 2014! 4K Cameras at CES 2014: The featured TCL 4K TV: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Alan Vargas says

    its 2019 and you can easily buy a 4k tv for 300 dollars

  2. TronTech4real says

    Do The State of 4k 2020 for the luz!!

  3. Kirtan Gajjar says


  4. QuickTechTips says

    8k today

  5. JHamilton says

    2018 and now you're shooting at 8k.

  6. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ says

    1440p is the standard on my phone

  7. hungrynapps says

    2017 .. Apple ipad pro .. lol .. i luv the future

  8. Ewroiguqergb Wergewqrhgwe says


  9. R MCK says

    I really enjoy your videos and Soldier Knows Best videos also.

  10. Dustin Worth says

    Hello from 2017. FYI, you're still making these.

  11. Kapil Dabi says

    Watching this on 144p…on slow connection

  12. Rustedblade says

    Momentum? Basically they fucking duped us! They sold us a pack of so called 4K TV's where no content was available and while I wasn't one to rush out and buy one it simply happened that I was in the market for a new TV so bough 4K. Now that Content is Available and Players are on the Market we realize we were sold a lie and our 4K are nothing more than Super Sized Digital Photo Frames and I for one am fucking pissed having to update a TV I only just bought last year because it doesn't deliver what was promised Are you fucking kidding me? So basically they suckered us to pay for this advance in technology knowing full well we'd end up paying twice! That is a global scam and nobody is holding them accountable for it

  13. Bojan Nedeljkovic says

    Its possible to drop the resolution on an 5k iMac OSX for better performance? Would be nice if i could switch to better resolution when watching netflix and drop it down at normal usage

  14. Noah says

    4k sucks dudes my pc droped frames

  15. Dženan says

    Anyone here after watching 2016 video ?

  16. DudeIMaBEAR says

    The State of 4k, is nothing. People are happy with the TV's they have and the gaming systems and everything. Its not needed. Companies just want you to want it because, they are not selling 1080p TV's like hot cakes anymore because almost everyone has one. They just want more money, so they are pushing these baby's out and leaving them in dumpsters or at fire stations, hoping people will adopt it, but guess what? It's expensive and even then if its cute and beautiful. There is no room for it and all the other baby's aren't old enough to kick out of the house yet.

  17. Ariel Jersey Jr says

    I can only play video at 1080p cause of my slow connection but my midrange PC is powerful enough to play 4k.

  18. Garrett Gault says

    my iMac 2011 ran this video no prob with the 4k resolution option

  19. Matthew773 says

    Galaxy s6 edge can record good 4k 🙂

  20. Admiral Aokiji says

    wat about the 144p option. no love for the only thing my computer can run

  21. rimtnbiker says

    How about doing the state of 4K video 2015/2016 video?

  22. Irate Mind says

    love love love your vids if I loved any harder I'd just marry you xx ! been your subbie since vid 1 !

  23. played this in 4k but had slight buffering which is expected

  24. Saman Mahjoob says

    is it true that SD content will look worse on a 4K tv?

  25. Jennai Shirow says

    love this guys videos!

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