The Transgender Fight For Safe Bathrooms

The Transgender Fight For Safe Bathrooms
A Transgender woman explains why gender neutral bathrooms are vital to the trans rights movement. The city of West Hollywood, CA became the first …

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  1. [Lost Soul] says

    She kinda looks like mayim bialik

  2. The Pickle says

    Im trans and I dont go to public bathrooms, i wait until i can go at home

  3. XxMushiSushixX-Fortnite says

    Listen If you wanna feel safe petition to get your own bathroom, let men have their own bathrooms and let woman have their own bathrooms as well, it has always been like this for years and years, it isn’t segregation. Woman shouldn’t have to be forced to let males use their bathrooms while being put at risk. Everyone gets what they want and look it’s a happy little world.

  4. Summer.The.Shorty says

    Seriously why. Its just like jail. Remember when that trans women got raped by all those men in jail cause they put "him" in the man unit. God damn i hate this world.

  5. Sara Wilkinson says

    I have teenage daughters and I DO NOT want guys using the same bathrooms as my kids. And this is not just about safety issues…..this is about female dignity.
    REAL Females have the right to their own private spaces and should NOT have to put up with men who 'Identify' as being women using our bathrooms and toilets.
    What next? Guys saying that they identify as ten year old girls and wanting to share a classroom with kids?

  6. Jt Wright says

    Sorry but no kids in a bathroom that's going to have grown-up males and I'm not even talking about any transgender people

  7. chelle roberson says

    Why should a guy who throws on a dress be allowed in the women's restroom ?

  8. C Good says

    "You can't use this bathroom." WOULD YOU RATHER ME PEE ON YOU

  9. XxkillerslumberXx X says

    Why can’t I just go to the bathroom in peace ?? Like i have other problems with being harassed and not being accepted and now people care about where I pee ?? This is ridiculous!!

  10. zoe lasagna sksksk says

    Honesty I don’t have. A problem with actual trans people using the bathroom with me but I have a problem with perverts using it with me. I know that most times that won’t happen. But I’m still concerned that it will. I’m a fairly young girl and having a 50 year old man pretending to be trans using a women’s bathroom just freaks me out and not want and trans people to use the bathroom. They should just have a unisex bathroom so young girls and boys don’t have to worry about it

  11. DareToLive says

    It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose!

  12. Parineeti D says

    Wait, don't trans people still have a penis? So there would be a urinal in a women's bathroom?

  13. Dra̳ma̳Llama says

    If you make bathrooms for everyone, of course pedophiles are going to take advantage of that.

  14. Dra̳ma̳Llama says

    The only people not safe in a bathroom are women doing their thing when a MAN walks in. It's uncomfortable especially with see through stall doors. It's disgusting. Of course people are going to look at you grossly. Some of the people could be perverts spying on little girls.

  15. Eminem is the GOAT says

    I do not support what he is trying to do but that person should not have shot him.

  16. Will Lancer says

    There should only be bathrooms for two genders and you should go to the bathroom your actual ended is, aka what she organ you were born with.

  17. the best of the worst says

    Omg. The woman at the of the video is so beautiful.

  18. Queenie Guldbaek says

    Drian, this is soooo powerful!!!!

  19. Cook Alexander says

    Gender-neutral bathrooms are not totally safe. even for trans. They basically allow everyone. I mean by definition non-binary, trans should be only allowed.. but any cisgender male/female who has intentions to commit sexual crimes can go there unnoticed.

  20. theduke ofweasels says

    We definitely need gender-neutral bathrooms everywhere for safety and people that are non-binary but I'd be kind of sad if they replaced all bathrooms and also hate it when all trans people are forced to use a gender-neutral bathroom. Transgender people sometimes have very little control of their lives, when you've had a long day of fighting and you're feeling dysphoric choosing which door you walk through can means so much. Forcing binary trans people to always use a gender-neutral bathroom instead of the one they identify with feels like a form of segregation. but I guess it is better the getting hurt

  21. I C says

    Great… I fight for safe bathroos too. So "transgenders", please go to bathroom according with your biological gender. I don't want dicks in same bathroom with my daughter.

  22. Jasmine Notter says

    i disagree but i clicked this video to see the other side of the argument so i can understand. (after watching video) disagree with transgender because god said no. of course i am still polite to them and everything though. now, there is a huge uproar here with transgender bathrooms which i thought was such a stupid and silly thing to care about either way because i felt in the long term it affected no one, and though i am a christian i dont care if someone who isnt a christian breaks christian rules because they are not a christian anyway. but then a good point was made and since im old enough to vote on such a serious issue i want to decide what i think for myself because i didnt take this issue seriously until as you know, as i have said, i dissagree with transgenderness, but just as much as i dissagree with being a buddhist or an atheist or a thief. sounds judgemental yes, but i dont feel it is and i am still respectful to everyone elses opinion so please dont bash me as im not hurting anyone, and neither are you so we can agree on the wellbeing of everyone as a goal. BUT now transgender people are sneaking into bathrooms of the opposite gender because they dont want to use the bathroom for what they are. now this is a problem because people either get mad and attack these trans people in the bathroom, and that causes violence and violence should be avoided, OR the trans people could be peeping toms so if everyone accepts it thats also bad because then perverts can use that as an excuse to be a peeping tom. so to avoid violence and sexual harrasment, since trans people are going to use the wrong bathroom anyway, maye there should be trans bathrooms even though i disagree with transgender. the bathroom wont make people decide not to be christians,(point to other Christians to see) they are going to do what they have already been doing anyway, and maybe a trans bathroom would decrease violence and sexual harassment. what do you think and why? and this question is toward trans bathrooms and not my opinion on transgender being right or wrong from a religious standpoint.

  23. pee pee says

    wAt are these comments XD


  25. Lillian Hauser - Howells says

    Pissing is Pissing… deal with it

  26. susMaster77 says

    we wanna be inclusive of transgender people and simultaneously enshrine them on a pedestal of limitless gold and gems. a++ logic

  27. Zoie Ninja says

    At least you'll get asked more about your glass eye than your gender… :/

  28. johnp8587 says

    The fact that transexualism is being pushed on children and in schools is disturbing. It's a pedophile agenda.

  29. EngineerMK2004 says

    Oh, you mean women don't want a man in a skirt in their restroom? Shocking.

  30. Hannah Chicken says

    I am apart of the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community and 1 of my friends convinced me that I should not be afraid and tell others ( she was in the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community too ) and I did and for about a year people would say I was strange and not normal and I felt alone like I had no one there for me and I have found my place now with these people who actually trust me and care about me and I feel like that I wasn't the strange one they were so if your getting bullied tell someone fight back find the people that care for you and love you for who you are 🏳️‍🌈🙂

  31. jonathan foot says

    Men who are using gender inclusive bathrooms should get used to :

    Tampon vendor
    Blood in the toilet or on the toilet seat
    Pad wrapper tearing noise
    Putting the toilet seat down
    Don't pee on the toilet seat
    Sharing the mirrors with the ladies
    No more guy talk and joke behind girls
    No more privacy :'(
    Someone make a YouTube video on this

  32. Kari Greyd says

    You are a amazing woman and rolemodel. People like you gave me the courage to br myself. I applaud you.

  33. Matt King says

    I'm glad I'm transphobic.

  34. MilkyMuscleMommy says

    and this is why i would never want to live in california

  35. Family Smith says

    This is really sad. Transgender people are in a real predicament. Say a transgender man wishes to use his own restroom, but he is discriminated against there but he is also unaccepted in the women's room. This is why I support gender neutral bathrooms. As long as you men keep the place clean too then there is no logical reason against it.

  36. Sir Potato says

    No, if you are a man go to the men's bathroom, same with women.

  37. DoodleHunter69 says

    They already have safe bathrooms!

  38. PewPewBear says

    I'd be more uncomfortable with a trans man in the bathroom than a trans woman.

  39. Hannah Taylor says

    There are people at my school who are trans and we have 1 gender neutral bathroom which is awesome.

  40. Jeffrey Paasch says

    There are good & bad men. There are good & bad women. And i'm sure there are good & bad Trans People like there are good & bad in all other aspects of Life as well. The issue I see happening, is The Law keeping GOOD MEN and GOOD TRANS PEOPLE "away" from poor scared little ladies, who follow me right into the restroom when i have it Closed for cleaning, and they want to Go anyway. I don't mind if they don't mind i always say, but what a Flaked Out world we live in.

  41. joy is cancelled says

    god, its just a bathroom .just let them pee in peace

  42. Superhuman Research says

    I'm worried that a neutral bathroom will make them stand out far more to the point that the ones who are against transgenders and gays will then later kill or abuse them after they get outside and there dysphobia will increase when they realise there still not being treated as the gender they feel which will hit them hard in there dysphobia

  43. Tina Ferry says

    we're not going to talk about the girls who got raped because a man said he identified as a woman and slipped inside the girls' restroom?

  44. faggot boy says

    Thats the ugliest/manliest woman I think I've ever seen! Disgusting!

  45. Alice Campbell says

    We've now got only gender neutral bathrooms at my school, I'm fine with it but I understand how some at my school feel uncomfortable because an 11 year old girl can share a bathroom with an 18 year old man

  46. Brady Cato says

    Do you know what happens if you are gay in Iraq? You get thrown off of a building, so think about how "dangerous" the bathroom is.

  47. shook is here says

    people what this idiots are doing so we can't have same men and women bathroom come on

  48. TV_Mandela says

    What bathroom does a trans MTF person need to use? If they want to be women, why do we have to abolish Mens and WOMEN'S bathrooms?

  49. nelliehoney says

    If a boy turning into my gender decided to come into the girls bathroom i would be extremely offended

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