The Truth Behind American Apparel

The Truth Behind American Apparel
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  1. Sam M says

    0:07 the guy with the grey shirt at the bottom right is my sister's husband.

  2. Feliciatanktop says

    Now they actually are bankrupt

  3. britter the critter says

    Me: reads title

    Why am I like this

  4. William Cowan says

    Porn stars? I don't see a problem with them using porn stars as their models. They probably fit the clothing quite well with the bodies that they have!

  5. Donaldo Jauregui says

    the thumbnails pornstar is faye reagan, you're welcome

  6. Fabienne Vreugdewater says

    support for this track comes from meaty tucks

  7. flying monkeys says

    I think they need to rethink how they view women in their ads. Or at least make the ads equal for men and women.

  8. albert h says

    I've been trying to find some flannels for mens from AA in los angeles area but mostly can only find AA with only women clothing. any stores with a good selection of mens clothing?

  9. Katzen33 says

    You'd think they'd want their models to wear more clothes, ya know, because they sell clothes?

  10. A A says

    Pretty sure they have a new CEO now that's a woman, or am I crazy?

  11. Beth B says

    1:06 apparently they're so American they rely heavily on exploiting people. :deep sigh: I wonder if they're going out of business because their (let's be real) super cheap undocumented workforce is gone.

  12. Kiera Thomas says


  13. Ursula Goodwin says


  14. brilliant lights says

    I didn't know American Apparel was a thing until the "underwear" song….

  15. KaySwisz says

    "let women do what they want" poses sexually for ads "ugh you guys are disgusting for sexualizing women to pose like that" lol women choose to be in pictures they can simply say no to the pose if they have a problem with it.

  16. mai tran says

    she looks so perfect standing there, in my american apparel underwear.

  17. daily kata says

    I'm so sad that they're going bankrupt. their prices are "too high" and people don't want to pay that much but what they don't know is that the people making the clothes get payed fair wages unlike the people in asia making clothes for forever 21, h&m or old navy

  18. Kerry says

    I'm sure it's 100 times better the. The conditions at any of the factorys on my cloths that are made in any of the third world countries on the label.

  19. dontworry boutit says

    I don't get what it's trying to tell me is American apparel good or bad

  20. Kaisha- Wade says

    Well now they are bankrupt

  21. Tw!st3d D!gg3r says

    I clicked this link for Faye. Was disappointed with what I actually saw.

  22. em? says

    I have the neon hoodie at 0:30 and I love it. Wear it all the time

  23. Urbanninja says

    Start at $8 an hour and when you get really fast you can make up to $18 an hour????? In Australia minimum wage is $17.29….

  24. Celine Nguyen says

    Hello! For everyone that is interested in the updated version of how to get a job at AA, everything about the company from an employees viewpoint, and freeeee clothes go to my channel <3 🙂

  25. erika robinson says

    Why you guys are really hypocritical, how come it's ok to see a sexual ad from Calvin Klein but when it comes to american apparel you all get offended????

  26. Jenna Kew says

    I'm confused is this a lot of money or not I'm not really sure about dollars (British)

  27. strocat25 says

    american apparel makes a fabulous soft t shirt. my work shirts are made by american apparel and they are very soft .. kinda like a t shirt from the 80's I love em!

  28. Matthew Conboy says

    They need stay in business love there clothes

  29. Matthew Conboy says

    They need stay in business love there clothes

  30. Veronica Sawyer says

    I'm not sure if this was supposed to be positive or negative

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