The TWISTER Challenge

The TWISTER Challenge
The TWISTER Challenge KWEBBELKOP: SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello …

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  1. mariana pineda says

    Zorro what is my oner doing😕

  2. Pam Davis says

    Who else saw the cat

  3. zil g says

    Round 3 he was sitting the whole time😂😂😂😂 he is a cheater

  4. Bounce Wilson says

    you tid

  5. Foxie New says

    The real score is Azzy2 the other guy 1 because he cheated on one of the rounds
    1like= a win for Azzy

  6. EMMA IS WHAT says

    I said in roblox in a game I said Randomly What has my life become and someone else said Trash

  7. Kirsty Phelps says

    Azzy do you have a cat because I saw one or two

  8. ariel evangelista says

    You can do it azzyland your the best azzyland

  9. Raiden hemming says

    zoroe is cute if i spelled your cats name rog sorry by the way he or she is veary cute and cute a.f.

  10. vivienne davis says

    the cat: what r u doing?
    i'ma just watch u.
    . cat hears something .
    the cat: WAS THAT A MOUSE?!
    . cat looks for it .
    . comes back a few minutes later .
    the cat: hi i'm back….. it wasn't a mouse.
    azzy: do u want to play?
    the cat: no
    the cat: wait what is this game?
    . sniffs it .
    the cat: smells like cheese
    the cat: i'ma just lay over here….
    . azzy yells .
    the cat: what the?

    like if u red all of this! :3

  11. Isabel Grace says

    I'm pretty sure Jordi was cheating the whole time

  12. Sal Nava says

    Azziy I derive you to snapchat for me and I am Salvador dodre

  13. Sal Nava says

    Azziy you are so beautiful

  14. Sal Nava says

    Azziy you are kind to your boyfriend

  15. Jennifer Loran says

    I dont agree with the fact he was sat down and doing it and azzy was doing it properly, please do one like this again where it is fair or its boring. :I

  16. Jo Anne Banks says

    it was 2 to 2 one more round

  17. Aníta Sif Björnsdóttir says

    i love you azzy

  18. Lichy and Sichy says

    Lichy: Azzy (Azzyland) = mom
    Jordi (Kwellbekop) = dad
    Kassie ( Gloom) = 2 mom
    Terry (Morgz) = 2 dad
    Subscribers (who subbed) = kiddos
    Sorry if said something wrong. Hope you hit 50 million subs both of you UwU

  19. Random Game's says

    Round 3 Jordi sits the whole time and when azzy sits she loses

  20. mouhamed jazaou says

    Azzy:left foot yellow!

    Also Azzy:*puts right foot on yellow*

    Like if you noticed: )

  21. thisaint kg says

    No one gonna comment on ct

  22. Mossed Playz says

    CLICKBAIT jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk

  23. MetroMaker says

    Roses are red
    Peas are greener
    I have one question
    Do we have any 2019ers

  24. Tammy Bias says

    Jordy is cheating

  25. ina Dr says

    Hey azzy🙌👍✌👇

  26. Laura Hewitt says

    Oooo are you and I am the only person in you

  27. Sally Seaman says

    ( *)
    1 like: 1 carrot for this bunny

  28. Alison Hesse says

    I’m pretty sure that you’re not aloud to sit in twister 🤔 It makes it too easy

  29. Lily Tracey says

    I see a cat 🐈

  30. Tru Hauntings says


  31. Ben Speight says

    Jordi is cheating so many times

  32. The awesome twins Girls says

    The cat is so cute❤️❤️😭🤗😍😍😻😻😻❤️

  33. Chad Binder says

    Jordan should get contacts

  34. candida41 Plays AJ says

    6:44 Azzy is…. Spider-Man Spider-Man to the rescue Spider-Man

  35. Kereru Senior says

    This is so cool 😎 Azzy you are awesome

  36. Farah ali says

    I like or cat

  37. Meme Smith says

    Azzy I love your video they are fun to watch♥♥♥♥♥😎

  38. Venelope Rodriguz says


  39. Alex Parker says

    There are two kinds of people; call him Kwebblekop or Jordy

  40. Erica Busch says

    I think Kwebbelbop was cheating like the whole time lololol

  41. Ani Jay. says

    Jordi has the most Canadian accent I didn't know existed

  42. Crystal Autumn says

    the cloud means you think of your own color and body part

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